Thursday, May 31, 2007

Allison Stokke Speaks (Video Link); Plus, More Thoughts About Her, the Internet and Blogs...

This week, Allison Stokke became the subject of unwanted attention, as With Leather, the Washington Post, numerous other blogs, My Space, Facebook, and forums made her a celebrity.

It’s crazy who this whole story has blown up. Some of us agree the posting of Ms. Stokke on With Leather was in bad taste, while some agree its okay for anyone to be posted online and to have lewd comments typed about her. Furthermore, some people rant and rave about her beauty and her physical assets.

The fellow who runs With Leather seems to be soaking it up – hey, it got traffic to his blog; nevertheless, at what price?

However, it looks like some restraint and perhaps moral compass is being shown, as her fan site had her pictures removed voluntarily by the administrator. In light of the news, her pictures can be easily (and I mean easily) be found the web and throughout the internet from competitions, with her friends, family, in dull moments, and as well just doing things what everyone else does.

As much as you can find of her, or anyone online, it is quite scary and disturbing.

Today, she spoke out about the whole controversy.

Here is the link on a Los Angeles CBS affiliate:

While, I don’t think it is a good idea for her to have spoken out, and the family to have consented with the Washington Post for an interview, I think it needed to warn people about the dangers and pitfalls of the internet.

It will be determined whether she wants to parlay this into something else, but for the most part, we all need to lay off her and the Stokke family.

Unlike the Paris Hiltons, the Lindsay Lohans and Britney Spears who flaunt their sexuality for the world to see, Ms. Stokke has not asked for any of the fame she has recently gotten, and from the looks of it does not want it either.

Furthermore, she’s a kid (not to demean her, but that is what she is). If she we 23, 30, 40, the whole context would be much different, but this is just a vulnerable teenager now in the public of the world.

The internet is a vast, vapid place, and while it could be used for good; however, the additive of ‘sex sells’ is a big business on the internet and she seems to have been caught up with it.

It's two days later, and people are still talking about it...

See the previous article on Allison Stokke:


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

here is the vid interview

Anonymous said...

It's too bad she got all of this publicity. She may as well capitilize on her new pubicity and have endorsements. She would make a great model or a hooters girl.

She is fine, nonetheless. I doubt given her style of acting in the pictures or how she dresses that she is a virgin. There is even a pic of her drinking alcohol with her boyfriend.

I doubt she is far from innocent as her father would like to believe.

Her daddy is a bottom dwelling hippocrite regarding the sanctity of his daughter's honor.

June 04, 2007
It's OK when it's someone else's daughter

After we posted a link to the story about Alison Stokke, the high-school track athlete who has been unwillingly turned into an internet sex object, sharp-eyed reader Evan emailed with the observation that Stokke's father is the same guy who earlier this year defended a cop who jerked off on a stripper during a routine traffic stop. “She got what she wanted,” Al Stokke said, of the stripper. “She’s an overtly sexual person.”

The hits they keep on comin'. Stokke also defended a sheriff's son who was convicted of participating in a videotaped gang-rape. From the OC Weekly's account of the sentencing hearing:

The defense niceties vanished immediately. Defense lawyer Al Stokke, who replaced lead trial attorney Joseph G. Cavallo, questioned any link between the rape and the victim's claim of mental anguish. Stokke also mocked the girl's physical injuries, finally conceding she was unconscious but then trying to use that against her. "There's [no pain] that is felt," he said, "because she was unconscious."

Wow. To be perfectly clear, this is NOT to say that Alison Stokke has been in ANY WAY deserving of the harassment that has been heaped upon her for simply participating in a high-school track meet. But it's noteworthy that her father, who is understandably deeply concerned for his daughter's safety, has defended several men who have done things far more reprehensible than link to or post photos on the internet without permission.

Her father, Allan Stokke, comes home from his job as a lawyer and searches the Internet. He reads message boards and tries to pick out potential stalkers.

"We're keeping a watchful eye," Allan Stokke said. "We have to be smart and deal with it the best we can. It's not something that you can just make go away."

In other words, it's his daughter, and of course he's doing all he can to ensure she's safe now that her photo is plastered all over the internet in a sexual context. But he seemed to not only lack concern but to show outright disdain for the woman who was sexually assaulted by a traffic cop and for the girl who was gang-raped. From his previous comments, he seems to desire a world in which reprehensible treatment of women (sexual assault, harassment, rape) is a-OK. But maybe, just maybe, his views will change now that he is forced to consider the fact that his own flesh and blood -- his wife, his sister, his mother, his daughter -- could be a victim of that violence. "

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