Thursday, May 31, 2007

A-Rod: Someone Has Some Explaining to Do…

It looks like Alex Rodriguez has been criss-crossing the country with the fit, curvy who has been plastered in the New York Post.

Is this a big story – no.

However, because A-Rod plays on the Yankees, he’s make $25 million per year, and he had an image of a guy who cares too much of how he is perceived in the media, and how fans look at him from home and on the field; it is.

Today, the New York Post dropped yet another bombshell that will tarnish Alex Rodriguez even more.

From the NY Post: ‘Alex Rodriguez hasn't partied only in Toronto with a mystery blonde - the Yankee superstar has also been spotted across the United States squiring around a similar-looking, buxom hottie, The Post has learned.

Several witnesses yesterday said they have seen A-Rod socializing recently with a blond bombshell - not his wife, Cynthia - in Seattle, Las Vegas and Dallas.

In Dallas, two people said Rodriguez and an unknown blonde visited a high-end strip club - just weeks before he and a blond gal pal were spotted by The Post going to a flashy Toronto strip joint on Sunday night.

And there is a photograph taken March 1 showing the All-Star sitting in the Whiskey Bar in Tampa, Fla., with a blonde. She looks similar to the woman he was photographed with in Toronto during the Yanks' current road trip there.’


Okay, if I were a professional athlete, I’d perhaps be a lot more careful who I am seen with (but everything is all relative).

It will be a matter of time who we find out who this blonde is, and A-Rod's life will even become more miserable.

For an athlete who has tried to carefully craft his image, he’s heading towards how Kobe Bryant is perceived amongst a good portion of fans.

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