Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Frustration: The Losing Streak & Not Putting Together...

Ok, we have yet lost another game. I just got done listening to the game right now via WHFS and it's a bit frustrating.

Overall, I am not happy as a fan right now. For a team with so much talent, the Orioles are falling short. Trachsel did decent today, and kept the Orioles in it, but the offense once again could not get anything going at all.

I'm a person who likes to stay positive in light of the bad, but we have a lot going on here and basically, the ship needs to be righted if we have any chance of contending, much less finishing around .500.

It seems that the offense is still struggling in spots, and leaving guys on base. and the pitching really needs to get deeper in games.

Furthermore, we walk way too many guys in general -- the pitchers need to throw strikes and if the batter hits it, make them work for it.

Right now, the bullpen is being used way, way too much and it being only May; therefore, if the trend keeps up, there might be an injury or two and cases of tired arms.

I expected the Orioles to be around .500 as they have faced teams that are perennial contenders, but after their strong start, the fall has been pretty hard.

The whole offense needs to wake up, and the pitching needs to be a lot more consistent.

Furthermore, I would really love to see a lot more fire from this team. The team is not doing the little things they did to win during their hot streak right now and we have now lost 10 out of the last 11 games! The Tigers have now sewpt us...

Everyone feel free to chime in! We are a whole lot better talent-wise than last year or perhaps in the past several years, but the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same...

I blog about the team, take photos and love the O's, but right now, it is disheartening to see a team with this much talent and potential not put it together.

I'm not going to flame or yell, demand Sam Perlozzo get fired, or bench anyone -- the players on the O's are professionals and know what they need to do, but it's just tiring to see the losses pile up when the team is much, much better than how they have been playing.


BD said...

I was at the game today. Trachsel pitched pretty well. The only exception was the fastball right down the pipe that Sheffield hit out. Pudge has lost it a bit throwing to second so I was surprised the O's didn't run a lot. Though the only time I remember Roberts getting on there was a guy on 2nd. The Tigers, however, were running non-stop on Hernandez. I don't know how many SB's they had but they were off on every favorable count all day. For a team who never ran last year it was a little surprising. I think the O's are a .500 team at best this year after watching them the last three days. They could use an upgrade over Millar at first as I still though his initial signing was a reach.

Jay Warman said...

I am a Spring Training Orioles fan since they train about 11 minutes from my house in Ft. L. This spring was one of the best O's teams I've seen and I was all excited that I predicted their strong start. I thought Markakis would be more consistent. The injury to Hernandez didn't help either. Bedard and Cabrera need have the stuff to be way better than they are...I think they will pull it together.

hrb said...

The O's are 12th out of 14 teams in slugging. We need more power.

I expect a lot of the lineup to come around eventually but maybe Jon Knott and/or J.R House on the bench could give us a jolt? Freddie Bynum doesn't bring a big bat off the bench.

I whole heartedly agree with you about the bullpen and but and looked at the numbers over at my blog.

I'm not doing my annual "throw my support behind the Red Sox so at least the Yankees won't win the East" move but the lineup has been really disappointing.

If you look at it, Baltimore was only one extra base hit per game from winning the season series from the defending ALCS champs.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Agreed with everyone...

I don't think it could get worse, but the Orioles have a tough beginning of May as well, sans the Devil Rays...

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