Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Idiot File: Clinton Portis and Chris Samuels

I'm a Redskins fan and love Clinton Portis, but it pains me to do this.

Clinton and his teammate Chris Samuels need to be called out on their idiotic choice of speaking to the media this week. Both men decided to defend Falcons' quarterback Michael Vick and the allegations that he was involved in dog fighting.

In an interview with a TV station in Norfolk, Va, both men made light of Vick's troubles as he is under investigation since a police raid at one of his houses turned up dozens of dogs and items used with dog fighting.

"I don't know if he was fighting dogs or not," Portis said in the interview. "But it's his property; it's his dogs. If that's what he wants to do, do it."

Portis, a native of Laurel, Miss., added: "I know a lot of back roads that got a dog fight if you want to go see it. But they're not bothering those people because those people are not big names. I'm sure there's some police got some dogs that are fighting them, some judges got dogs and everything else."

When Portis suggested that Vick would be "cheated" if charged and convicted, Samuels giggled and said: "Haven't you seen Animal Planet?"

While people have the right to believe as they wish, we have a guy who has been alleged of committing a serious crime and potential felony.

The NFL is not happy with either of them, nor are the Redskins.

In this instance, Clinton and Chris, you both would have served yourselves well by keeping your mouth shut on this issue.

1 comment:

The Lady said...

Total ignorance on Portis' part. I can't believe that he would know dog fighting is a crime and still say that.

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