Friday, May 11, 2007

The Idiot File: Don't Be Like This Guy...


This fellow got thrown out from last night's game.

In the midst of last night's game while Ty Wigginton was ejected, a fan (maybe drunk, needed to prove his manhood, or needed to make a bet), ran on the field, made a total fool of himself and was promptly arrested.

When it come down to it, the Baltimore City Police was rather gentle with the brain surgeon. Why did he it, I don't know, but he didn't get the smack or beat-down.

The dude got off light. This fool had nothing to do with the outcome, it was funny to see.

It was more even beautiful to see up close and personal.

Usually, I always miss the good stuff -- not last night...




Jason McAdams said...

Definitely a good one for the Idiot file. I like when they get tackled by players.

Sooze said...

awesome post - what a moron!

i love it when the bleacher jumpers get tackled by the bat boys...

ian said...

Unless you were the cop or the idiot, you couldn't have gotten any closer.

Philly Phan said...

I'm a Phillies fan and this was my first trip to an O's game. I thought behavior like this was only restricted to Philly. Nice to see we're not the only team w/ whacko fans.

JD said...

Excellent stuff Anthony! Keep up the good work.

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