Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Game Yesterday: O's Beat the Devil Rays 8-3, Condensed Video, the Rundown and More Thoughts on Dempsey...

Last night, the Orioles got back on track and beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to 8-3 last night.

Plucked out of long relief, and working as a starter now, Jeremy Guthrie allowed one run in six innings of excellent baseball.

He’s auditioning for a spot in the rotation, but he’s looked real good in the starting role this season.

The Orioles tagged Jae Seo for 5 runs, as the Oriole took advantage of the lowly Devil Rays. Nick ‘the Stick’ Markakis homered and drove in two runs, as did Melvin Mora.

Miguel Tejada, Aubrey Huff, Jay Payton and Jay Gibbons also drove in a run.

In fact, Jay Gibbons, who had been struggling went 3 for 4 and homered in the 8th inning.

Chad Bradford came in the game in the 7th inning, but got hit hard, giving up 2 runs. Danys Baez got the hold, and Chris Ray also got in some work during the 9th inning.


Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun has more on the game last night.

Jay Gibbons is not happy with his role in having to sit on the bench, and Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post has more to add on the issue.

Pitcher Scott Williamson is ready to come off the DL.

Matt Palmer of the Baltimore Examiner ponders about Jay Gibbons, who as of late has been regulated to the bench

Spencer Fordin notes that the stopgap starters are filling in the roles of those on the DL.


The Orioles have once again been dragged into the steroid mess. Investigators in baseball’s steroids probe have demanded to see the medical records of former Orioles Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Jason Grimsley, David Segui, Jerry Hairston, & Fernando Tatis.

In light of not having a subpoena by the courts, the medical records may not be that easy to get.

As well, it looks like investigators also searched at least six computers of Orioles staff members, which shows the O’s were at least compliant – unlike some other organizations.

Again, there may or may be proof of drug use found on part the former Orioles, but the team once again is in the forefront of the national media when it comes to allegations of drug use.

The ‘O, By the Way Blog’, has more on the steroid talks and the Orioles, as does Roch Kubatko.

Business may about to pick up once again…


Well, Rick Dempsey has kind of put himself and MASN into a world of trouble, at least on the PR side, if only temporarily.

Rick Maese of the Baltimore Sun has a piece on the saga, in which Dempsey does apologize and realized he was wrong; nevertheless, he looked very stupid, awkward and made an even more disgusting, ornery joke.

Furthermore, Rick updated his blog about the incident that yesterday evening; however, there was a mention here on the Oriole Post about the video earlier that morning that he followed up on.

Good reporting, Rick.

I had originally caught wind of this whole incident thanks to Oriole Magic’s, Heather Irvin and her comments about the situation.

We will see about the aftermath of this incident, as let’s keep in mind as my friend Sooze reminded me, Bert Byleven of the Minnesota Twins network got in hot water for saying the “F” word.

As someone who has seen a female friend go through domestic violence (to the point she left the state she was living in), I find some of the comments excusing Rick Dempsey to be silly.

I see it more than a bad joke; Rick Dempsey took something that is a sensitive issue and made it into a sick joke about a current player and his wife.

I even find it more disturbing that MASN didn’t take more offense to it, and found it even more disturbing how they justified it.

"Rick shoots from the hip. He has a refreshing, in-the-moment style of analysis," said Todd Webster, a MASN spokesman. "He regrets what he said, and we have no doubt he feels badly about the remark."

I’m sure Rick does regret what he said, but the excuse is a pathetic cop-out. I don’t know where he’s shooting from the hip, but he sounded freaking asinine to me.

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