Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sam Perlozzo - Why?

Sometimes in life, you have to leave well enough alone.

Fifteen minutes ago, Sam Perlozzo should have done that.

After 91 pitches, and the Red Sox out 2 outs away from losing, and we taking 2 out of 3 to the AL East leaders, he took Jeremy Guthrie out of the game.

This loss was not Guthrie's fault -- we gave them several extra outs!

Ramon, how could you drop that!

Danys Baez could not get anyone out, and then Chris Ray came in.

Thereafter, I knew we were screwed.

Ray could not find the strike zone, and once again walks KILL!

B-Rob makes a great play to get Kevin Youkilis at the plate, but then Ray could not hold onto Millar's throw.

Well, this time Sam, it's your fault. It behooves me why you could not get Jeremy Guthrie to finish the game. Heck, I would have preferred to give up a 2-run homer given up to David Ortiz than for everything to systematically break down.

We let the Red Sox score 6 runs in the BOTTOM of the 9TH. The Sox didn't win this game - the O's gave it to them.

Sam, I know you're not a fiery guy, but tonight you need to channel Vince Lombardi to share a few thoughts with your team.

I have defended you enough, Sam --- not today.


ian said...

I knew you were going to be bitter about that loss. Good comeback win for us (Red Sox) though.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

I know, Ian. I know.

Thank goodness I was home and not at Fenway - I think would have gone through the Walk of Shame...

Anonymous said...

When a starting pitcher has 2 outs to go to finish a no- hitter, let him. A stupid error by a catcher is no reason to pull the pitcher. Period.

Managing also has a learning curve.

Rachel said...

Unbelievable. A 5-run lead, squandered. And Guthrie was ready to keep pitching too. Sam Perlozzo has to go.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Well, I am not going to say Sam should be fired, but he's no Joe Torre either.

Right now, he looks like a complete idiot and if I were Jeremy Guthrie, I'd be questioning my boss.

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