Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Idiot File: Lastings Milledge

I am not going to say much on this, but why after the whole Don Imus bit, would anyone do this? Especially an African-American athlete with the profile of Lastings Milledge?

Sure, in the United States, you can do you please and express yourself or whatever you believe in whatever language you care to desire, but people in the public eye should really watch what they say.

Especially someone who has been under as much scrutiny as Milledge?

Mets prospect Lastings Milledge is in trouble with the team once again, this time for making a rap CD that uses foul and offensive language.

The song, "Bend Ya Knees" was on the Web site, the record label the 22-year-old outfielder founded. Milledge can be heard using a racist term for blacks and language derogatory to women.

"We don't approve of the lyrics," New York general manager Omar Minaya said Wednesday.

Minaya said he spoke to Milledge -- currently at Triple-A New Orleans and on the disabled list -- and conveyed the team's position. Minaya said no disciplinary action had been taken, but added that could change.

"We're going to review the conversation and we'll go from there," he said. "He's understanding why we feel that way."

While the song was removed from the Web site earlier Wednesday, Minaya said he believed the song was going to be released.

"We can't do anything to prevent its release," he said.

Did he not learn from Allen Iverson and rap and hip-hop mogul, Ron Artest?

I laughed so hard when I heard this, and wondered in my mind -- what a god damned idiot.


hrb said...

Just a little hypocritical of the Mets though.

How many of their players listen to this type of music or have it playing as they stride to the plate?

So you can support the industry just as long as you are not part of the industry? Doesn't make sense.

Ban it from the clubhouse and offending artists from you PA and then you can stand to make judgements.

The Lady said...

hrb, are you a Met fan? Do you know for sure that Met players listen to rap in the clubhouse and/or have it playing as they come to the plate? I don't watch enough Met games to notice.

hrb said...

It would not surprise me at all. I know I have been to games where certain artists are played as a batter's "personal music" and even thought that particular cut may be fine for in muixed company, I know enough about the artist to know what else their lyrics entail. this goes beyond hip-hop obviously and on into rock/metal artists too.

Given that the Mets are made up of young men and that urban hip-hop stations are the most popular radio stations in cities on the east coast, I think it's a fair assumption that somebody is listening to it in the clubhouse.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

HRB - you have a point, but a player in the position of Milledge should have used much, much better judgment.

Despite everything, he represents a public company, and a region.

It was just not a smart move.

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