Friday, May 11, 2007

Quick Hits: O's Sweep the Devil Rays: Pictures, Video, the Rundown...

Devil Rays and Orioles -May 10th

Last night at the Yard was wild, real wild.

I had not planned on going to the game last night, but I unexpectedly found myself at BWI (Baltimore-Washington Airport) last night dropping off a friend & decided to stroll to Camden Yards last night.

After mulling around the Yard, I figured since Tampa Bay was playing, I was just going to get a cheap seat and just enjoy the game.

Armed with my trusty SLR camera, I figured I’d take a few shots, hang out, talk to some friends and then leave.

Before I even got to the vicinity of the Yard, I bought a ticket from a scalper off Howard St.

I paid $20 for the ticket (regularly $40), but I would not be disappointed. The game had pretty much started, so he was trying to unload a single ticket…

The seat ended up to be 5 rows from the field and the section right of the Orioles dugout! That being said, I am never that lucky and I knew last night would be a good night.

Let’s move onto the game itself – the boys in black and orange beat the Devil Rays 11-6, in a game which Daniel Cabrera was up and down and was hit real hard at times; however, his counterpart, Casey Fossum for the Rays was even worse and was left in the game for 5 plus innings where he gave up 8 runs, 5 of them earned.

The man of the game was the funny and always insightful Kevin Millar. He drove in 4 runs and homered to help the Orioles win, and Corey Patterson went 3 for 5 and had 3 RBIs.

Aubrey Huff and Miguel Tejada also drove in a run each.

Daniel Cabrera won his third game, but he walked a very dangerous tight-rope. He pitched six innings, but gave up 6 runs, all of them earned. He amazingly didn’t walk anyone and struck out two, but two of his hits were home runs, off Elijah Dukes and the super hot B.J. Upton.

The game got wild in the 5th inning as Ty Wigginton got ejected from the game as he argued a call by the third base umpire after he called Melvin Mora safe (though he looked to be out). In a fit of rage, Wigginton, after he was thrown out just pulls his uniform from his shirt and throws his hat into the crowd.

Thereafter, an Orioles fan who caught the cap, threw it back on the field.

In the midst of the whole Wigginton episode, a fan (maybe drunk, needed to prove his manhood, or needed to make a bet), ran on the field, made a total fool of himself and this was promptly arrested.

It had nothing to do with the outcome, it was funny to see.

Anyhow, Chad Bradford, Jamie Walker, Danys Baez and Todd Williams came into the game and held it in check for the Orioles.

With the win last night, the O’s swept the Devil Rays and went 5-2 on the homestand.

Next comes the Boston Red Sox who have managed to have our number the past several years…


Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun has a recap of the game, as does Spencer Fordin of the

Nick Markakis didn’t start last night, but got into the game during the 8th inning.

The big surprise in the rotation has been Steve Trachsel who has kept things in order for the Orioles despite the win-loss record so far.

Brian Burres is ready for his next start, this time against the fearsome Boston Red Sox.

The O’s pitchers took batting practice yesterday as they prepare for interleague action…


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