Monday, May 7, 2007

My Thoughts on a Sick Day...

As I stayed home from work today due to being sick, as I seem to be drinking everything in sight and battling a sudden fever and found myself sleeping all day.

Anyhow, I caught most of the Orioles' game today and it's needless to say I was none too please with the result. Right now, I am wondering what is going on with this team and if it has any heart.

Aside from the victories that we had over Cleveland on Friday and Saturday, the team has been nothing short of putrid.

Steve Trachsel (who I had mixed reviews on when he was signed) has been our most consistent pitcher, and might be 2007's Kris Benson (the role of the hard luck loser).

Well, the Orioles spent $42 million on their bullpen, but today was one of those days where it failed. I'm not going to slam the bullpen, as stuff happens and it got hit hard -- however, it's the rest of the team I am concerned about, from Sam Perlozzo, the starting and the offense.

To be quite honest, someone needs to stand up, yell from the mountains and just let everyone have it.

The Orioles should be kind of embarrassed by their play as of late.

At the rate things are going, the team may not be better than last year.

I really like Jim Duquette, as well as what he & Mike Flanagan tried to with the team, but I rather have also gotten a power bat, or two to supplant the offense.

Maybe a roster move needs to made, or perhaps a light needs to be fired underneath a few players, but the mood in Baltimore is not good right now.


I live near Washington D.C., and I cannot get WNST here at all (I usually check out their station online vis their live feed), but I took a long look at their website today while in bed and got familiar with the station and their hosts.

Anyhow, I enjoyed reading some of the blogs, especially Nestor Aparicio's and the opinions of Rob Long, Drew Forrester and Bob Haynie.

I'd never had the opportunity to read their blogs, but they more or less tell it like it is with the Orioles.

Sadly, it might be a group consensus amongst them, the various blogs, and fans that the team is in trouble and what was a promising season is floundering due to injuries, but more importantly horrible play.


MASN: No offense against the network, but I am starting to really consider watching Orioles games on MASN with the volume muted and the radio on.

I hate to say this, and people can send me hate mail, but Rick Dempsey is awful.

This may be scary for some, but I hark for Jim Palmer and his stories from way back in the day that he'll repeat for the umpteenth time.


Well, after listening to the "Anita Marks Show" today, I have a strong feeling that she and her staff are longing for football to begin again...


the wayward o said...

you should have muted masn a long time ago .... joe angel is the king

i *have* to stream the masn feed on line .... pity me.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

I agree... I'm starting today

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