Friday, May 11, 2007

Beltway Baseball, Live at 1PM Saturday on BlogTalk Radio...

Beltway Baseball is a weekly show on MVN that looks at the Major League Baseball in the Baltimore-Washington area focusing on the Orioles and the Nationals.

I, Anthony of Oleanders and Morning Glories as well as Oriole Magic, and James from the Baltimore Flock will break down the past week, comment and analyze the two teams.

In the upcoming edition, we’ll have an overview of the two teams so far.

In addition, both James and I will look back at the Orioles’ successful homestand and sweep of the Devil Rays, and how the team is shaping up overall.

Beltway Baseball will also take a look at the Nationals’ struggles during their past road trip, and the newspaper articles that have further looked at the organization as a whole.

Join us at 1pm of Saturday as we’ll be live on BlogTalk Radio and we’ll be taking your calls as well as IMs.

To call in live, the number is (646) 478-4728, or you can IM us at beltwaybaseball.

If you want to email us a question or thought before the show, drop us a line at

Look forward to having you join us every Saturday!

To Hear Us Live:

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