Thursday, May 17, 2007

‘Baltimore’ on the Road Jersey -- The Story That Was, or Wasn’t, More WNST and the Steinbrenner Video (AGAIN)

For nearly a generation, many Orioles fans have not ad the privilege of seeing the word ‘Baltimore’ on their grey road unis. Many have clamored over the years for the name of the city to reappear on the uniforms to restore civic pride and to bring back some nostalgia.

I would love to see this happen. Although I grew up in the Washington suburbs, I consider the Orioles my favorite team, and seeing ‘Baltimore’ on the uniforms will bring some of the old school feeling – you know, the days of Frank, Boog and the Human Vacuum.

Well, this morning, WNST radio personality, Drew Forrester announced that the Baltimore Orioles were in plans with MLB to restore the city’s name on the road uniforms.

Looking around on the boards, websites and the various blogs, there was a feeling of euphoria and happiness with the Orioles that they perhaps for once gave the fans what they wanted.

However, the good feelings were in place for only a short time.

This afternoon, Greg Bader from the Baltimore Orioles refuted the announcement from WNST this morning. He said in an email (from Roch Kubatko’s blog), "Despite unfounded rumors to the contrary, there has been no decision made to change the Orioles' uniforms. We sincerely appreciate all of the enthusiasm our fans have in the operations of the ballclub and the interest surrounding this particular issue."

Well, the air got deflated from the balloon for many people, and Drew Forrester went on the offensive in his blog. Long story, short, Drew wrote back the Orioles and could not get a confirmation, while other members of the Baltimore media were able to.

Baltimore Sun writer Roch Kubatko in his blog got first hand info from the Baltimore Orioles and MLB, that for now there will not be a uniform change.

From my point of view, I’d love to see ‘Baltimore’ on the road uniforms, but I’d prefer to see a winner first. I think it would be a nice touch and a gesture of goodwill for fans for the Oriole to use the name of the city on the jerseys, but they’ll do as they wish.

Well, since we are on the topic of WNST, two days ago, Jim Palme abruptly cancelled his appearance on the ‘Bob Haynie Show’.

It looks like Jim Palmer was told by the O’s brass to not appear on that show.

Perhaps the Orioles are still very much pissed at WNST’s role in the protest last year, Nestor Aparcio, or where their talent can interview or not interview.

Anyhow, I think there’s just a lot of bad blood all around, and it is too bad both sides cannot come to a common understanding and work their issues out.

Neither side is looking good at this moment, but they both have the right to be angry at one another.

Right before the baseball season, my video of George Steinbrenner I took while I was in Tampa ended up in a New York Newsday article by Jim Baumbach called “From The Boss to the Donald?”

Pretty Cool, huh?

Anyhow, here’s the video again…


ian said...

Congrats on the video love.

Thats so stupid not to have Baltimore on the road jersey. i never realized it wasn't.

Seems like the O's like to break hearts alot.

hrb said...

I want Baltimore on the jersey. That would be cool.

But shame on Forrester for broadcasting unfounded rumor as fact on his radio show. Given WNST's current relationship with the O's you have to wonder if it was a calculated move to stir up bad blood among the fan base.

I wouldn't give him a confirmation either.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

So do I, HRB. I don't know what to think of WNST and their announcement. I have a feeling that they may be a lot of truth to it; however, the Orioles may not want it leaked or known the public domain.

About the relationship between the two entities -- it is rather pathetic, as there's real bad blood or both sides.

I just find it quite sad.

Ian: Yeah, the road unis have not had Baltimore on them for more than a generation -- it's a point of contention for alot of fans.

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