Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Game Yesterday: The Mother's Day Massacre...

Looking on the internet right now, it sounds like there’s a ground swell of support for Sam being canned. I’m not about to jump on the train — yet; however, the philosophy of this organization must change or this team will be doomed.

Right now, I am sure things must be tough for the Black and Orange, and perhaps this loss can be forgotten purged quick from our memory with a wining streak.

I cannot continue to see things with rose colored glasses, but this loss will be remembered for a long, long time.

I have not listened to the radio yet, and will do so in the morning, but I can imagine a lot will be said.

I read the Sun this evening, and a lot of stuff I read bothered me.

Here are three quotes below I’d like you to read…

"Me and Tim Wakefield looked at each other on the bench in the ninth inning when they took Guthrie out, and we said, 'We're going to win this game,'" said Red Sox starter Josh Beckett, who allowed two runs in four innings before leaving with irritation to the skin of his right middle finger. "We both believed it.


When he was in the dugout before going out for the bottom of the ninth, Perlozzo told Guthrie that if a batter reached base, he was going to come get him and turn the ball over to Danys Baez.


Asked if Guthrie tried to talk him out of the decision, Perlozzo said: "He wanted to stay in. It was my decision."

- The Baltimore Sun - Link

Ok, the last quote really, really bothered me. We have a guy who only gave up three hits over nine innings, threw only 91 pitches and had a five run lead.

Why was he taken out?

Pitch counts aside, the guy was winning and to take him out with that big of a margin in asinine.

Yet another quote that made me want to slit my wrists:

"He was going into nine innings [of] work, and he had never gone past six," Perlozzo said. "We were pretty much giving him an opportunity -- if he could go 1-2-3 -- to stay in the ballgame. It was unfortunate that the guy got on the way he did, but at that point, I thought we had our fresh arms out there and I didn't want anything to get out of hand. Obviously, it didn't work."

Sam, we are sometimes all about building confidence, but sometimes you have to let someone battle and go for it rather than take the easy way out.

How do you think Guthrie feels now?

Rather than post a game recap in the morning (there’s no point now), we all know what happened.

I’m just going to throw links to the game and also get a feel for the anger that many have towards Sam Perlozzo and the Orioles.

My steak dinner for Mom’s Day was good, although very expensive…


Let’s start the whole recap with Oriole Magic! Mike Boehm is none too pleased about the game this evening and his managing so far. Well, right now Mike wants him gone from the Orioles.

Roch Kubatko of the Baltimore Sun thinks that Guthrie should have stayed in the game and that the team lost a game they should have easily won.

Drew Forrester of WNST in his blog has a lot to say about the 9th inning – a must read

Nestor of WNST can’t believe what he saw tonight – um, nor could I or anyone else.

Ben of Oriole Central, um, is just not happy

Meanwhile, Boston is all giddy over the win – sigh. Even Ian of Sox and Dawgs emailed me and offered his condolences of the loss today.

You all need to check out Orioles Hangout and forums, as well as Camden Chat, to get the gauge of the fanbase now.

O’s fans are not happy at all and basically want Perlozzo on a stick.

I had tickets to Saturday and Sunday’s game this weekend at Fenway and could not make it, so I sold my tickets. However, if I saw the meltdown in person, I perhaps would have been miserable for a long week.

The “Walk of Shame” would not have been cool, either.


manny being manny said...

Yeah, we were all just hoping to not get shut out. That must have been a tough game, I didn't come here to be a tool, just curious how the fans are taking it, because if that happened to the Sox I'd be at a loss for words.

Yes, a run scored, but with a 4-run lead at that point and Pena up, take your chances with the guy who led you to the 9th with an outstanding job.

My second favorite part about that game was me finally nailing an Aflac trivia question this season: Who was the first Oriole to start 7-0? Thank you Ben McDonald baseball cards.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

No one can believe how the loss came about...

Not that a lead is ever safe in Fenway, but I assumed the game was over.

Many people are still stunned.

If you want a better sense as to how people feel, check out the various Oriole forums, websites and blogs.

Oriole Magic! said...

Unreal. Absolutely unreal. There is no excuse to keep this loser Perlozzo as the skipper.

He's more like Giligan, always screwing up their way off the island.

manny being manny said...

Best friend or not, Mazzone must be asking himself what the hell he did to his career going to Baltimore. Maybe it was 75% pal, 25% challenge, but that's a tough decision.

Also, MD O's Fan, I know it's out of place now, but I have to ask: how much am I going to love AD? All I hear is how hard a worker he is, versatile, and a great community guy. Your thoughts?

The Lady said...

I heard about this game during the Yankees-Mariners game broadcast. When Michael Kay announced the final score he sounded like his best friend had just died. Boy, did I felt his pain!

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Lady -- it was unbelievable. I still don't know what to say....

M&M -- You all like AD, he's a model citizen and a heck of a football player, it's too bad tjhe Ravens could not afford him at all...

OM/Mike -- I don't know if Perlozzo should be fired, but he deserves the roasting he's getting today.

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