Sunday, May 13, 2007

Quick Hits: The Games Friday & Saturday in Boston...

Hope everyone is having a happy and healthy Mother's Day, as I will be having in a bit. The family is going to Ruth Chris Steakhouse later on this Sunday, so I'll be looking to have a great steak while going broke at the same time.

While the Orioles beat the Red Sox on Friday night, 6-3; the team got routed Saturday in the later frames of the game by a score of 13-4.

The Orioles had an impressive win thanks to the guts and grit of Brian Burres as well Melvin Mora and Nick Markakis came through huge! Melvin had 4 hits and a run driven in, and Nick had 4 hits as well, and an incredible catch. Much of the result of Friday could be marked to the horrible defense of Wily Mo Pena. The bullpen held the game in check, even when Boston was striking to make a comeback, as it walked in two runs.

However, that's all Boston would muster.

In the end, Chris Ray got the save.

The O's were at .500 for a day!

Saturday, however, was a different story. Unlike yesterday, where the Rod Sox lost, on Saturday they continued their dominance of the Orioles. The team knocked out Curt Schilling in the 6th inning and tied up the game 4-4.

Perhaps our most consistent starter of the season, Steve Trachsel, only went 4 and 1/3 innings as he struggled Saturday. He allowed three earned runs...

The game at that point was winnable, then....

The game became nothing short of a disaster after the 6th inning, as the team gave 9 runs in the final 3 innings. John Leicester gave up 4 runs in 1 2/3 innings, and Todd Williams got lit up as he gave up 5 runs and seven hits in 1 2/3 innings.

Brian Roberts, Jay Gibbons, Jay Payton and Corey Patterson drove in a run each, but it was in vain.

Today, the Orioles send Jeremy Guthrie to the hill against Josh Beckett who has won 7 straight games.


Spencer Fordin has a recap of the game from Saturday, and Ramon Hernandez has been red-hot. Adam Kilgore has a recap of the game as well,

Jeff Zrebeic notes in the loss yesterday, the Orioles pitchers threw a lot of pitches.

As well, left-handed pitching cannot fool the Orioles bats anymore, as it was a problem last year; however, in the same piece, Jaret Wright's father say the pitcher's career might be in peril over his troublesome shoulder. On that topic, Spencer Fordin of the has more on the issue with Jaret Wright.

The Baltimore Sun has a question with Jamie Walker, this time about having his 12 year old son in the clubhouse...

Scott Williamson returned from the DL on Saturday, and Miguel Tejada is now tied for 5th on the all-time consecutive game played list.

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