Thursday, May 24, 2007

An Open Letter to Sam Perlozzo - Same Sh*t, Different Day...

Dear Sam,

I'm a concerned fan.

Why would you bring a pitcher who has been struggling (Baez) into a tie game and then allow him to give up the game winning homer and nearly serve up another one.

This is not good. Do you wonder why people want your head?

I'm a guy who never wants to see anyone fired, but moves like this do not help you endear to anyone. I'm fan first, then a critical eye, but the moves you are making are just baffling me and those who follow the Orioles.

You don't read the papers, nor watch TV anymore; however, much of this at times you bring onto yourself...

It will be another field day once again on Friday with your name splattered all over; therefore, yet even more speculation of job security.

I have run out of ways to defend you, and perhaps a change is now in order.

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ian said...
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ian said...

I haven't seen any scores tonight but I am sensing Baez crapped the bed and the O's lost. I feel for you dud

Nick said...

um, okay, wow. let's see, baez has lost/contributed to losses in about five games before this. I know, let's put him in to restore his confidence...IN A TIE GAME IN EXTRA INNINGS!!!????

I don't know, at some point you can't defend a manager when he does that. A few more innings and the bats would have won it if the bullpen, the overpaid crap (right now) that is the bullpen, could hold up it's end of the bargain.

I'd just like to see postseason play for the O's once in my life where I can remeber it. Last thing I remember in the postseason was Jeffrey Dahlmer taking that ball away and the Yankees winning. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Sam, you are a nice guy, but as a manager, you show us how inept you are on a daily basis. These losses due to such poor decisions are intolerable. And They Just Keep Happening. You are losing the respect of both the players and the fans, and you really need to go, for the sake of baseball in Baltimore. Take Mazzone and the bullpen with you. Let Guthrie enjoy the wins he works hard to set up instead of pulling him and making him watch them get blown away. Do it now, while we still have a decent amount of the season left. If you do, you will earn the respect of the fans. Sometimes you have to admit when things aren't working and walk away.

nick said...

my bad, jeffrey maier...

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