Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quick Hits: A Day off, the Blue Jays and More Fear, Moaning and Anger...

Yesterday, the Baltimore Orioles needed a reprieve from the daily grind as they played in the Hall of Fame Game in Cooperstown, New York where they took on the Toronto Blue Jays in an exhibition.

The Orioles won the game 13-7 and a catching prospect in the farm system, Brian Bock hit two homers. As well, single-A pitcher, Brandon Erbe struck out six.

Anyhow, the O, By the Way blog has a brief description of the action yesterday, and Childs Walker of the Baltimore Sun has an extended recap of the game as well as some quotes from players and Sam Perlozzo.

There’s also more from the game from the orioles.com website. Also, Earl Weaver spoke in Cooperstown yesterday…

In light of the day off from ‘real’ Major League action, the same concerns about the Orioles remain as the Toronto Blue Jays come back into the Yard tonight. Well, although the team is 10 games behind Boston, they are only 4 games under .500 and 118 more games to go; there is still a lot of time to right the ship.

As bad things have been, it could be a lot worse considering what has happened to the pitching staff in the first two months.

Roch Kubatko updated his blog this morning with thoughts of the upcoming series and other stuff. Also, Spencer Fordin has a mailbag with questions pertaining to the Baltimore Orioles.

From here on out, for the next month or so, we face the Blue Jays, Athletics, Royals, Angels, Mariners, Rockies and the Nationals in order. This is a soft patch in the schedule, and it is vital that the Orioles make the most of the next few weeks.

Unless you have been on vacation away from the United States, or been under a rock – Sam Perlozzo is on the hot seat and his job security is in peril. Again, I will say, as much as we all want to blame Sam Perlozzo, it’s an organizational problem – top to bottom.

Perlozzo is captain of the ship when it comes to managing the team, so he’s culpable for what happens on the field. However, it seems like the more things have changed with the Orioles, the more they have stayed the same. Although the team is much improved from the 2006 version, a lot of same problems remain.

I just think some of the players need to look in the mirror and ask themselves what is my role in the team being 20-24, and what I can do to play better?

If you have a moment, read this piece from Orioles Hangout’s Tony Pente, as it articulates what the problems with the current team is.

Right now, I sense a lot of fan apathy, and if keeps going at this rate, the attendance will dip even further and further down.

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