Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Quick Hits: Orioles Lose to the Jays 5-3; Aftermath from the Mother's Day Massacre...

After being roasted badly for the last 24 hours on the internet, on sports talk radio and in print, Sammy Perlozzo and the Baltimore Orioles had a chance to redeem themselves.

Too bad it will have to wait for another night.

After being ineffective yesterday, Danys Baez piched again tonight and this time he gave up a 2-run homer to Troy Glaus as the Blue Jays won 5-3.

Before he gave up the homer, he’d walked Frank Thomas.

Erik Bedard started the game, as he went six innings, struck out seven and allowed three runs.

On the positive side, Jay Gibbons homered, and Nick Markakis hit a 2-run homer.

If you watched the entire game, did anyone notice the anger Jay Payton showed towards Melvin Mora (he tried to run to third, and it was botched) at the end after the conclusion of the game?

Apparently, the two men nearly came to blows at the end of the game, and it looks like the vents of Sunday may have festered into Monday's game.

Hopefully, the events of Monday will dissipate, and the O's can focus on the road ahead.

Well, fans are not going to be happy after tonight’s loss, but there are very few things now that could have possibly topped the anger of yesterday. In rare moment of sympathy of baseball fans, Red Sox Nation joined us in our loss yesterday throughout the various forums and blogs.

Baltimore Sun writer Peter Schmuck noticed how mad Orioles fans from all across the spectrum were angry at the managing of Sam Perlozzo.

However, Sam Perlozzo at this given time is not concerned about his job security. You also have to hear him chat with ESPN 1300's Mark Viviano earlier today. After reading the interview, and getting a feel of some his players, do you not sense that there is discord within the clubhouse right now?

Does Sam sound like, well ... um, he needs a drink?

According to Spencer Fordin of the orioles.com, the guys on the team seem to not to be preoccupied with the events of Sunday.

As well, Roch Kutbatko gives his thoughts of the interview, and the events of yesterday.

Give Sam credit for doing the interview this afternoon; however, if the team comes home with a losing record on their road trip, things will get ugly real fast.

Considering the promise of this season for all us Orioles fans, the bullpen, the free agents, and possibly being at or perhaps over .500, the strange and dramatic ways the team has seemed to lose games has been jarring.

Something has to change, or give. We have a soft patch in the schedule playing the Jays and Nationals this week into the weekend, and then we play the Jays again at home.

This week will surely test the character of the Baltimore Orioles after the events of this weekend.


Miguel Tejada has not been hitting many home runs, and has changed his focus at the plate, looking at making contact and hitting the ball hard.

Well, this is old news at this point, but The Twins designated starting pitcher Sidney Ponson for assignment, ending the former Orioles' bid to revive his career in Minnesota.

1 comment:

ian said...

I just put the game up on MLB.tv and it showed Payton yelling at Mora but it didn't show him going after him in the dugout.

Hopefully someone caught the whole incident and will have it up tomorrow.

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