Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fear, Anger and Moaning -- The Game Today, Reflections of this Weekend & Wither Sam Perlozzo...

(public enemy number one in oriole-land right now...)

Ok, I am not going to review the game yesterday. Long story, short; Erik Bedard pitches a masterful game as he strikes out 12 in seven innings, plus gets two hits and drives in a run. Yet again, he got another no decision.

Why he did not finish the game, I don’t know; however, the Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec noted he was tired. I wish he would have stayed in the game, but it was not a big deal.

Super sturdy Brad Bradford comes in for a few outs, and then Danys Baez comes in the game.

I knew then the Orioles were screwed and the Nationals would come back.

Even though the Nationals have an anemic offense and a patchwork starting rotation, they have a lot of heart and they’ll battle; therefore, as I predicted -- I was proven right.

Nook Logan steered the Nationals to victory, as they beat the Orioles 4-3.

Well, once again Sam Perlozzo allows Danys Baez in the game – why? Have we not learned after this week that Baez should *probably* not the setup man. But it looks like he’ll still be in that role…

Once again, the bullpen blew it…

These days, no one is happy with Sam Perlozzo. Although, much of internet land has wanted him gone for a good while (myself not included), now the Baltimore media wants him to be shown the door.

In light of the loss, the Battle of the Beltway was cool to see, and seeing Friday and Saturday’s games, as bad it has been in Oriole-land, the fans do still care about the team. At times, it sounded like a college football game, and it was wonderful to hear the passion of the fans that rooted for either the National or Orioles.

All the games were close and hard fought, and fan lived and died on each pitch towards the end.

If you want a much better feel of the events of this weekend, take out some time and read the Washington Post’s Tom Boswell and his article, “Worth Watching”.

The Baltimore Sun’s Roch Kubatko is trying to comprehend Sunday’s loss. From the comments on his blog, people want him Sam gone. My fellow blogger Mike Boehm wants him gone too, so does Ben from Oriole Central, and Dempsey’s Army goes through the ugly details of Sunday.

David Steele in today’s Sun wants Perlozzo gone as the players have not spoken up for him, or given a vote of confidence. Sadly, if this is the case, he needs to probably leave before the tide gets even worse. In all seriousness, Sam seems to be a good person, but winning is what matters in sports, and it is a very cruel business.

Peter Schmuck, the man who knows all and does so in an ornery fashion, has once again called those who want Perlozzo gone as “message board bozos”, and wonders if Peter Angelos will let Sam go. I feel that Peter very much likes Perlozzo; however, if things do not change, he needs to go as you cannot release the entire team.

Folks, Sam should deserve some of the blame of what’s going on with the Orioles, but a lot of the players need to look in the mirror and wonder what the hell is going on. The offense is anemic, Miguel Tejada is now a singles hitter, and the bullpen cannot supplant the excellent starting pitching.

People want a winner, and it looks like in Baltimore the more things have changed, the more they have stayed the same.

If things don’t get any better, the Oriole by July or August may have to start paying people to the Yard for games…

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