Monday, August 6, 2007

Barry Goes After 756; Thoughts on the Record and Bud Selig

Washington Nationals’ rookie pitcher John Lannan is potentially on a collision course with history.

At some point, either in the first or second inning, he’ll go toe to toe with Barry Bonds.

I don’t know how the youngster feels at the moment, but he’s got a job to do.

Well, as we all know by now, San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds hit his 755th home run off the Padres’ Clay Hensley in his first at bat on Saturday.

As much as people decried that achievement he reached, the world still watched, and Diego’s Petco Park was filled to capacity.

No what side of the spectrum you’re on with issue, Mr. Bonds evokes an emotion out of people that few athletes can top.

AT&T Park will is sold out completely this week, as Bonds will attempt to break the all-time Home Run record.

In watching the game again this weekend, I could not help to notice the reaction on Bud Selig’s face when Barry tied his friend, Hank Aaron’s record.

He looked like he was about throw up and did not seem to be enthused at all that he had to be in San Diego to witness it.

Now, Bud is staying home as Barry goes for 756.

As much as I want to rail on Bonds and commit to saying he’s evil, a cheat and bad for sports, I think what he did is an achievement; however, what he did is indicative of the time we live in.

So is Bud Selig.

Barry Bonds, if he did use performance enhancing drugs (as the evidence overwhelmingly states), he did what he could get ahead, and there was no traffic cop on the highway to stop him.

Bud Selig, the Giants and Major League Baseball in a sick marriage of money, glory, ballpark attendance and ratings, turned a blind eye to the drug use in sports whether they wanted to admit it existed or not.

Sorry, Bud. You're the commisioner; thus, you need to be at his record breaking home run.

All of this happened under your watch...

Peter McGowan, who owns the Giants along with GM Brian Sabean might not like the stench that Barry Bonds leaves behind when he walks past, but there’s no doubt that his presence along with his bat made San Francisco contenders, filled the ballpark and made oodles of money.

Well, we as fans, we may or may not like him; nevertheless, we want to see the car accident. Thus, millions of us will stay up late and see if the record will be eclipsed.

In the morning, the vast majority of us will go online, read articles, go on blogs, message boards and say what we will about Bonds’ 756th home run.

Personally, in the end, sports are a small part of life for the most of us; however, it creates a lot of discussion and helps to build, or in the case of Bonds, break bridges.

As for Mr. Lannan, saying tonight is a big game would be the understatement of the year.

John, good luck; therefore, do what Washington manager Manny Acta said, “Go after him…”

It will be seen if his name will be linked with Barry Bonds for all eternity.

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