Friday, August 31, 2007

The Evil Empire at It Again?

We knew it was going to happen, but just a matter of when.

Everything is clicking, the pitching has been strong, the All-Stars are playing like All-Stars, A-Rod is a beast, Jeter is Jeter, and yes, they have JOBA.

Just when the ship looked like it was going to sink, and the high dollar contracts would prove futile and swallow the Yankees, they have stormed back.

Now, they have overtaken the Wild Card lead from the sinking Mariners.

After struggling for much of the season, the New York Yankees are back in a playoff position, sweeping the Boston Red Sox to take over the AL wild-card lead.

Oh joy. I don't think they will take the AL East, but the Wild Card is theirs. As it looks right now, anything can happen...

I'm sure not a Yankee fan, but you have to give them props for storming back and making something of the season. We all may hate them, but they play the game the right way, and the talent on that team is so good that it cannot be understated.

I knew they were not going to be down for long, I'm just amazed the way they came back...

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