Friday, August 24, 2007

O's Lose to the Twins 5-2; The Rundown

Well, I am still trying to get over the abusrdity of Wednesday, but the Orioles did play another game last night.

The black and orange took on the Minnesota Twins and they lost 5-2 in the late innings of Thursday night's matchup. The Orioles were doing pretty well with Steve Trachsel on the mound, but in the eighth inning, the team unnraveled.

They were up 1-0 in the inning, the O's coughed up 4 runs to the Twins in that frame.

A huge error by Miguel Tejada open up the floodgates for Minnesota with the bases loaded, and things went to hell thereafter.

The Orioles stumbled, bumbled and fumbled to yet another loss.

It's become painful to watch the black and orange this week, but as a fan, I still have unconditional love for the team...


The Baltimore Sun has a recap of the game, as does the Baltimore Examiner, & Washington Post.

There's more stuff from Wednesday's game and last night in Roch Kubatko's blog, Roch Around the Clock.

Check out Bill Ordine's blog, O, By the Way. It has updates on the massacre from Wednesday and how it relates to Dave Trembley, and also Anna Benson who's not been heard from in eons. I wondered what happened to her...


Rick Maese has a very interesting article in the Sun about the record loss on Wednesday and it being a symbol of the past decade in Baltimore. Well, I like his columns and what he has to say, but I respectfully disagree with his assertions.

Wednesday’s game was a total fluke and is a part of the ups and downs of baseball along with life in general; however, some fans believe what the Rangers were able to accomplish is symptomatic as to what is wrong with the Orioles today – bad luck, horrible management, and a storm cloud over them.

In all honesty, from my point of view, Wednesday was just a bad night – a very bad one. The Orioles are much, much better than they were a year ago, despite the record. However, the same problems remain, and Maese is right in that respect.

Since we are still on the topic of the beatdown on Wednesday, Childs Walker of the Baltimore Sun has a piece on how professional baseball players move on from a tough loss.


Garrett Olson, who has struggled in the majors, has been sent down to Bluefield as the Orioles need some bullpen relief; meanwhile, James Johnson has been called up. I'd expect Olson to be back up in early September.

First-round pick Matt Wieters toured Camden Yards yesterday, met with the media and was introduced to fans on Thursday. He'll start his professional career tomorrow with the Single-A Aberdeen IronBirds.

Meanwhile, the Mariners optioned former Oriole reliever, John Parrish.
Tom Boswell of the Washington Post has a great piece on Dave Trembley.

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