Thursday, August 16, 2007

O's Upend Yanks in 10th, They Win 6-3; The Rundown, Weiters and More...

The New York Yankees are the hottest team in baseball and have an all-world batting lineup, but right now, the Baltimore Orioles seem to have a “never say die” mentality instilled in them, and yesterday afternoon they came back from the brink of destruction.

With a 3-0 lead, the Oriole bullpen in the ninth inning all but erased Erik Bedard’s masterful start. Danyz Baez came in and was ineffective, but the Oriole nearly faced certain doom as the Yankees had tied the game on a three-run homer by Shelley Duncan off reliever Jamie Walker in the bottom of the ninth.

Never fear O’s fans, as they’d come back much like they did in the first game of the Yankee series and last weekend against the Red Sox.

The Orioles came back in their very next at bat as Miguel Tejada drove in Nick Markakis to give the Orioles a 4-3 lead, and then Aubrey Huff hit a two-run homer to finally defeat the Yankees.

In the end, the O’s won 6-3 over the Yankees on Wednesday afternoon.

We did it against Mariano Rivera, only the best closer in the history of baseball.

Chas Bradford closed out the game and got the win.

The story of the game, however, was Erik Bedard and his case for the Cy Young award.

He struck out eight, threw seven innings and now has over 200 strikeouts this season. Even though he did not win on Wednesday, he’s now not lost in two months and the league really, really needs to take notice of this guy.

My only complaint was why could Bedard not have finished the game? Sorry, with the start he had and with the lead he was given, he could have made a concerted effort to dig deep and continue his dominance.

Ok, so I know the answer – but, it would have been sweet for him to do it.


The Baltimore Examiner has a recap of the game, as does the Washington Post, & Orioles MLB site.

Meanwhile, the O’s are building up momentum during the home stretch of the season.

There was some concern yesterday as Derek Jeter was hit a pitch by Bedard, as both Tejada and Markakis were hit by pitches in 12-0 rout on Tuesday; however, both Bedard and Trembley are denying that they hit Jeter on purpose.

The Baltimore Sun has a question with Chad Bradford.

Meanwhile, the big buzz with the team last night was that Matt Weiters was finally signed, and columnist Peter Schmuck believed the move was great not only for the organization, but for the fans.

Roch Kubatko of the Sun in his blog has his say on the deal as does the Baltimore Examiner.

The Washington Post also has a report on the Matt Weiters signing as does Orioles Hangout.

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