Friday, August 3, 2007

The Idiot File: Tiger Infielder, Neifi Perez

You have got to be kidding me - baseball has a three time offender of the drug policy!

I figured you would have to have bad luck to be caught twice and just plain dumb to have it happen three times.

Apparently, that does not apply to Neifi Perez.

According to the AP, Tiger infielder Neifi Perez was suspended for 80 games Friday after testing positive for a third time for a banned stimulant, which essentially would have him out for this season and possibly into 2008.

In addition:

Under baseball's labor contract, a player cannot be disciplined multiple times for a positive test stemming from the same use of a banned substance, meaning Perez had to take a prohibited stimulant more than once.

Another positive test would lead to a suspension to be determined at the discretion of commissioner Bud Selig, with Perez having the right to have an arbitrator review the penalty.

His initial suspension cost him $396,175, and the second will cost him $792,350 -- a total of $1,188,525 of his $2.5 million salary. He will miss the final 54 games of the regular season and finish serving the suspension next year, if he is signed.

Because of his initial positive test, Perez is subject to at least six additional tests over the next year.

Interesting. Very interesting.

I have not heard of any other major leaguers test positive as of late, and you would think Mr. Perez would know better.

He's only batting in the .170's -- aren't performance enhancing drugs supposed to help you?

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