Friday, August 3, 2007

The Idiot File: The Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Elijah Dukes; Does Talent Supercede Morality?

Ah, the benefits of being an athlete.

Will someone please tell me why this guy (pictured above) is still offered the privledge of employment with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays?

Oops, let's not forget -- talent supercedes morality in sports....

Read the report here:

from the AP, the block quote I love:

Earlier this summer, Devil Rays principal owner Stuart Sternberg defended his decision to deactivate Dukes rather than release him.

"This will pass, hopefully, with a very positive outcome for him," the owner said at the time. "If it doesn't, our reputation will remain intact as an organization that's trying to help somebody or did what they think they could to help somebody."

Now, if he were batting .200, and didn't have a body of throughbred, would the 'Rays be giving us lip service? Of course not!

If I were the Devil Rays, cut ties with him now!

You have a talented team, and he is NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE!


The Professor said...

while he has not been cut or released, he has been deactivated so he is not getting paid.

also the team gave his number 35 to Dan Wheeler who was just acquired from the Astros. They gave his number to a journeyman MIDDLE RELIEVER. If they ever thought he was coming back they would not have done that.

at this point they are just waiting for all the negative pub to die down, as are other teams. they will attempt to trade him in the off-season and hope to get TWO bags of balls in return, but will probably settle for ONE.

but any thoughts of him ever earning a paycheck again with the Devil Rays are over.

JD said...

Sadly winning is more important to some organizations then showing common sense.

Oh wait a second, the Devil Rays aren't winning. Doh!

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