Thursday, August 9, 2007

O's Lose 8-4 Last Night; Guthrie Struggles, The Rundown and O's Thoughts on Bonds...

Last night was not a good one for the Black and Orange. It was hot, sticky, miserable and Jeremy Guthrie just could not get it going last night. He got hit, and hit hard - real hard.

The O's lost 8-4 last night to the Mariners.

Guthrie allowed six runs in four innings, and allowed a devastating two-run homer to Jose Guillen.

Nick Markakis added two RBI for the Orioles, and Miguel Tejada along with Kevin Millar each drove an RBI as well.

The two teams close out the season series tonight as Horacio Ramirez takes on Daniel Cabrera.


The Baltimore Sun has a recap of game as does the Baltimore Examiner, Orioles MLB site and Washington Post.

Roch Kubatko of the Baltimore Sun has his thoughts of the game last night in his blog, Roch Around the Clock.


Tuesday was a historic night in baseball with Barry Bonds hitting number 756, and many around baseball, including the Orioles had their say about the occasion. I read some of what a few of the players had to say and I find it fairly consistent with what many of their peers have said.

In some odd way, baseball is a like a weird fraternity and no matter what Bonds did or may not have done, most players are just in awe of his talent and the record being surpassed. I figure a lot of them know how hard it is to play baseball at this level, and the numbers no doubt speak for itself --- Bonds is one of the best of this or any generation; thus, drugs or no drugs, he's in the Hall of Fame.

The Baltimore Examiner and Washington Post have other articles examining Bonds' accomplishment and what many of Orioles feel about it.

I have no idea if a lot of them have blinders on in terms of the drug debate; however, most players believe he is one of the best, if not the best to play the game of baseball.

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