Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Case For Erik and the CY Young; The Rundown

Erik Bedard is a on roll, and with his success as of late, he's no doubt a contender for the Cy Young Award this season. Although he'll never win the award for most talkative or for community service, he's doing something special this season for the Birds.

If you get a moment, read the piece, "Here and Now", by Jeff Zrebiec in the Baltimore Sun today on Erik Bedard.

Right now, if I were the Orioles, I'd be working on a way to lock him up now before his asking price becomes absolutely astronomical and other teams come into play.

Bedard is currently leading the league in strikeouts, and has won eight straight.

It mystifies me that he is not getting the national attention he deserves, and playing for the Baltimore Orioles (along with their decade of losing) is the reason.

We have a gem here, it seems to be, and let's hope the Orioles do right by Bedard and most especially the fans.

Bill Ordine in an excellent post on the O, by the Way blog on the Baltimore Sun website illustrates why Bedard should be re-signed; meanwhile, also brings up the Orioles' history of signing pitchers long-term, which has been anything but stellar.

However, Peter Schmuck who wanted Bedard traded is now changing his tune...

Spencer Fordin of the Orioles.com answers questions from fans about the team...

Josh Frazier of Press Box Online believes that the Orioles must go after Mark Teixeira after his time is up in Atlanta.

Dave Trembley is not going to quit on the season, and from the looks of it, the team is responding to him. At this point, the Orioles have an outside chance at .500...

Meanwhile, Stan "the Fan" Charles" gives us his thoughts on Ripken and the whole Hall of Fame induction experience; meanwhile, some local kids from the Baltimore region took in the sights and the sounds of Cooperstown...

Press Box Online has more stories from fans about their experience in Cooperstown.

Allen McCallum believes that Cal Ripken and Tony Gywnn are the last of their kind...

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