Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Orioles Win 5-3, News of the Trade Front, Trembley...

Well, the Orioles beat the Red Sox 5-3 up in Beantown, as Erik Bedard threw six great innings, although he was quite ill throughout his start last night.

In light of the start last night, the Orioles were dead on the trade front. Personally, I felt that not much would happen, since the hot commodity the team has - the young pitching was not going anywhere, and out aging pieces to trade (Trachsel, Huff, Gibbons, Mora, Tejada) are virtually untradeable due to talent or injury.

Personally, I knew we were not going to get Mark Teixiera, as Texas' price was too high and they wanted our young pitching (and I believe you never trade starting pitching for hitting unless it is overwhelming).

Yes, Teixiera would have been a wonderful fit at Oriole Park at Camden Yards; however, I do not think he would have been worth the price unless we were a contending team.

Sun writer, Rick Maese sort of wrote a grating review on the team and their performance at the trade deadline. Simply put, the Orioles did not make a move Tuesday afternoon and he's not happy about it. I agree with Rick to extent, but right now teams are for most part hoarding their young talent and I don't think it would have been a good thing to move our youngsters or pitching.

In the end, I believe we should just go after some big hitters, perhaps another top line starter in the offseason and see what comes of it.

In other news, Dave Trembley will be the manager for the rest of the season; a decision that should have been obvious.

The Orioles MLB site has more on the situation with Trembley.

The Washington Post has more on the news with Trembley.

There's no point in firing him, the team is responding and we have a winning record.


The Baltimore Examiner has a recap on the game last night, as does the Orioles MLB, and the Washington Post.

Bill Ordine of the O' By the Way Blog, thought last night's win in Boston was a release from the tension and sadness of the Mother's Day Massacre. Meanwhile, Roch Kubatko has thoughts on last night's game in his blog, Roch Around the Clock...

The Baltimore Examiner has more on the news that Dave Trembley will remain the manager of the Orioles for the season.

Sun beat writer, Jeff Zrebeic, ponders about Dave Trembley on the Baltimore Sun website.

The Baltimore Sun asked Jay Payton a question, concerning the trade deadline.

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J. Mark English said...

You guys are becoming a real threat now in the AL East with that nice young staff...

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