Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Idiot File: Orioles Scouting Director, Joe Jordan...

Today, I have added a member of the Orioles' organization to the Idiot File. It was something I never thought I would ever do, but I have to.

Throughout life, you are taught to never bite the hand that feeds you.

That statement rings true in relationships, and throughout corporate America. Last night, as the Orioles signed their first round pick, Matt Weiters, Orioles scouting director, Joe Jordan decided to show his excitement to the Oriole fan base and the media with these ill-advised words of thought and reflection:

This has to be the quote of the year by an team official or executive, as I have no idea if he was trying to be funny, facetious or just an a**hole, but here it is...

"They got the deal done," said an elated Orioles scouting director Joe Jordan. "You can tell the city of Baltimore that the old evil owner stepped up and took care of things tonight. We had to fight to the end."

Whoa. Ok.

I'm proud that the Baltimore Orioles signed Matt Wieters, beat Boras, and scored a major coup, and I commend the team on doing so, but it is to be expected -- isn't it?

We all want to beat our chests and cry out to the sky when we do something good, but in the manner that Mr. Jordan did it in?

Absolutely not. He sounds so ornery and so full of himself, it's not funny and very insulting to the people left who come out and support the team.

I'm sure Mr. Jordan is a well compensated and loyal Oriole employee, but honestly he sounds like an a**hole and just downright arrogant. Furthermore, he comes off as very condescending to the fans and should be reprimanded for being dumb enough to have what he said in print.

Yes, Peter Angelos might have come through in the end for the organization to secure Weiters; however, he's the subject for some much scorn because of um, the last ten or so years.

The numbers don't lie.

The Orioles have not been good and honestly, Angelos is the captain of the ship, so the blame starts at the top - sorry.

Furthermore, if memory serves me well, Mr. Jordan is the scouting director of the organization.

So, in theory, Mr. Jordan is part of the problem too, isn't he.

Mr. Jordan, in the future, look before you leap.


ian said...

He makes his comment sound like Wieters is going to save the Orioles.

Kenrick Thomas said...

Great Blog, and you make a huge point!!

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Ian, the move was a big deal due to mainly the Oriole having problems with Scott Boras and their results for the past decade.

If there Orioles had not signed Weiters, it would have further sent the team into the abyss nationally...

Kenrick, thanks for the kind words -- I just wrote how I feel honestly about things.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! I was overjoyed too--and if I worked for Angelos and knew how he could kill any deal he didn't like, I might say something over the top when this finally worked. As a 20 year plus season ticket holder, I am delighted, and I'm glad to know that Mr. Jordan is human too! Give him a break!

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Anon, to be perfectly honest, you are very right.

Not to say that Weiters will single handedly save the O's and deliver us a World Series, the Orioles pulled a coup with this one.

However, thinking back and talking with an O's media guy, Jordan was not doubt saying "lay off Peter" or "hey, look Peter stepped in and got the deal done".

I'm almost sure Mr. Jordan was joking and just plain jubilant.

In light of it, the way it sounded rubbed me definitely the wrong way and I wished he would have different words.

But I'm going to stay positive, yesterday was a good day for the Orioles, and the past week has been a boon for the team not only off the field, but on it.

Like I said, at this point, no matter what the Orioles do their moves will be always scrutinized with a fine tooth comb because of the past decade...

In the end, we all hope to see the Oriole as one of the elite franchises in sports again...

Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone can ever sound "condensing". You have a bad habit of not editing your work, sir, and it shows time and time again on your site. Your relatively good points end up sounding silly when they are chock full of errors.

hrb said...

I am not one to bash the front office in a knee-jerk manner but that comment rubbed me the wrong way too.

And for those who doubt how big this was, you have to remember that this would be two top five picks not signed in the last three years! A horrible record for a team that needs rebuilding down on the farm...

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Anon - point well taken. I often edit my work well after I put it up because I am working at the time and doing things often in a rush.

Sorry about the errors, but thanks for the support though.

HRB - Thanks. I am not trying to bash the team, but Jordan's quote in the Sun sounded so wrong to me as a fan that I needed to call him out on it.

The Orioles have not done well in the draft in the past several years, and furthermore some of their picks (Coppinger, Hairston, Ainsworth, etc.) have not worked out.

Is that bad? Yes.

However, the draft is now a crap shoot and you don't know what you have in terms of a player until he actually shows it on the field.

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