Monday, August 20, 2007

Michael Vick Pleads Guilty...

It looks like Michael Vick has accepted a plea deal.

What a shame and a waste...

According to CNN: NFL quarterback Michael Vick accepted a deal Monday to plead guilty to federal conspiracy charges involving an illegal dogfighting operation, according to the Virginian-Pilot newspaper. "Mike's accepting full responsibility," one of Vick's lawyers told the newspaper.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah - dogs are cute and precious, blah, blah, blah. PETA, PETA, PETA - puppy dogs, rainbows and unicorns…

Michael Vick didn’t kill a human; they were f@cking dogs - case closed. There have been countless examples of athletes responsible for deaths - Ray Lewis barely avoided murder charges - let alone drunk driving or worse (let’s not even discuss child support).

Now, it has been a long time since junior high but when last I checked, not only were dogs domesticated animals (that fall much lower on the food chain than humans) but we have killed domesticated animals for much lesser crimes. The ASPCA kills tens of thousands of domesticated animals on a weekly basis. Also, when in the hell did PETA become a lobby group in charge of upholding federal policy?

Don’t get me wrong - Pamela Anderson has great tits, but she needs to shut the f@ck up and just sit there and look pretty. Doesn’t she still have hepatitis or AIDS or something she caught from Kid Rock? Go get therapy bitch, and leave Michael Vick alone.

I agree that killing animals for random reasons is cruel; but fine him. Community Service. Any other mundane nonsense that we normally throw at bullsh!t crimes is the categorical reprimand this deserves.

He was making $100M. Can you imagine the good he would have been able to do in the furthering of animals’ rights with his fame and money? Am I on crazy pills or am I the only one who sees this as another step in the wussification of the public perception of justice? Michael Vick should be free - fine him, spank him, cane him, WHATEVER - but jail? WTF! Anyone who thinks this is enough to completely ruin a man’s life, is bat shit insane and should be spayed and neutered because they shouldn’t taint the gene pool.

Michael Vick’s contribution to the game of football is enormously more valuable than the lives of 10,000 dogs and 72 kittens.

I have spoken.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Anon - I am quite glad you said this, because I am working on a article about this topic for a publication I work for.

There's a lot of truth to what have you said, and I agree with some of what you pointed out.

I actually do think the hoopla over this has gone way overboard, and I am shocked a lot more people are upset over dogs, than let's say assault, or sexual crimes or murder.

The fact of the matter is Mr. Vick committed a serious felony, and he's got to be culpable for his deeds.

I have no remorse for the man, and just because he's an athlete who has been given God-given athletic ability does not mean he should not pay a price.

I am not even upset at the gambling or he going to dog-fighting matches, he's lost my respect as a person for lying, his overall arrogance, and the torture he engaged in.

Honestly, what he did borders on being a sociopath.

It's almost like he thought he'd get away with the crime, and his lawyers and handlers would take care of him.

Why he would engage in this behavior and throw his life away, keep in mind a life where he was praised, had riches and got everything he wanted.

If he was some faceless CEO of some large company, it would be one thing; however, he's a major celebrity in America and it's just plain pathetic.

I don't advocate barring him from making a living in the NFL, but he'll never be what he was ever again.

However, employment, whether being a garbage man or a football player is a privilege, not a God-given right.

Mr. Vick is the Horatio Alger story gone completely wrong.

America gives people a second chance routinely; alas, he'll have to be truly remorseful and make serious changes.

Thanks for the post and your opinions, it's really appreciated.

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