Monday, August 13, 2007

This Weekend in Baltimore; Red Sox Nation Takes Over - THIS HAS TO STOP

For those of you who do not live in Baltimore, or did not to come out and see the team, this is what life was like outside Camden Yards and in the ballpark.

This is why more than ever, we have support the Orioles.

Let us put the hatred for Peter Angelos aside when the Yankees and Red Sox come into town.

When Russell St, looks like Kenmore Square and the Inner Harbor is awash in red and blue, we have problems.

I am not putting the blame on Sox fans (actually, most of them are good people and have to no choice to come here to see their team because of the cost of Fenway); however, we Oriole fans need to stand and rise up.

The reality is that the hardworking people of Oriole-land should not be blamed for the apathy they have for the team.

Why should people invest their hard earned money and emotions for a team that has been mediocre for a decade. Furthermore, some fans can profit from selling their tickets on StubHub or Ebay and sit at home and watch the game from the comfort of home.

Granted, the Orioles are looking much better than they have in the past; however, the front office needs to do something --- put a winning team on the field.

Only then will the ratio of fans change when the Red Sox and Yankees come to town.


hrb said...

A few more series like this weekend and they might not be so anxious to flood Camden Yards!

This team is not great obviously but they are no longer a walk in the park for the rest of the AL East either.

hrb said...

Another point: Angleos is going to make a lot of money when the Sox and Yanks come to town regardless of what O's fans do, so we might as well support the players, even if we don't support management.

Malnurtured Snay said...

Sunday was my first (and probably only) game of the season, I was on the upper deck with my dad and the row in front of us was three RS shirts, two O's, five RS shirts, a kid with an O's hat and a RS shirt, an O's shirt, two more RS ... it was NUTS.

But! It was all worth it at the end when they were all sitting with slightly shell-shocked expressions.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

HRB: Thanks for the note, the series win was great for us here who get to see them at Camden Yards, and perhaps if the team can keep it up - things will improve.

HRB: I could not agree with more, more O's fans should be at the park en masse if not to do anything more than even the balance...

Snay: Thanks for the comment, it was awesome to see Millar's game-winning homer (I really hate the term walk-off).

Again, I'd love to more see a little bit more Orange and Black at the Yard...

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