Monday, August 27, 2007

Twin Sweep O's, They Lose 11-3 to Minnesota; The Rundown...

Sorry for the lateness in posting today, I had a friend whom I went to high school sadly lose her life in car accident and I basically have been offline for the past day.


Well, with the Orioles it is the same sh*t, different day.

On Sunday, the black and orange lost their sixth game in a row, as they got whooped by the Minnesota Twins, 11-3.

With the win, The Twins swept the series against the Orioles, and won all seven games they played this season.

What else is there to say? Bedard was very un-ace like as he gave up six earned runs and was off from the onset of the game. Although he settled down after giving four runs in the first two innings, his effort was futile as the Birds could not get anything started. He was supposed to be the stopper, the man who could come in, dominate and stop a losing streak.

Sunday was not the day.

Bedard did get the team record 219th K, but it meant nothing to the fans or the players, as they lost real badly.

The bullpen once again made a game that was looking bad into a train wreck thanks to Paul Shuey and Rob Bell.

Shuey -- nice guy, great comeback story, but he needs to be DFA'ed. We might as well give a roster to a young guy who has a future with the organization.

Bell -- should he sent down or released. At this point, like with Shuey, he's not been effective and there's a reason why he's been with several teams.

Folks, 2007 is done and buried. The Orioles are indeed a better team, but are eons away from contending unless more pieces are added to the equation. The bullpen situation has not worked out (it was a good try, but it failed miserably), the offense is putrid, and the infield situation (sans Robert, and the surprising Millar) is a mess.

At this point, Tejada should just DH, move to first; or perhaps even better, traded and sent on his way. I have watched more baseball because of the Oriole Post, Oriole Magic and all the other stuff I do this season than in years past, and my eye has picked up so many things wrong that it is shocking.

Tejada, Mora, and Roberts have made more bonehead plays in the field than I count and its jarring. The offense isn't there, and this team has played bad baseball in general all around.

With the exception of Bedard, Guthrie, Roberts, Markakis, Loewen (sill young), I'm just in awe how bad everyone else has been. The bullpen is shocking (Hoey, a youngster; Walker and Bradford excluded), and have no idea what even to think anymore.

In the next few weeks, let's see who have in the lower levels and let them get their feet wet in the big leagues. As well, we need to look at seriously rebuilding and getting quality players (note: not retreads, or guys past their prime) to contribute and get the Orioles out of the mess they have made for the past decade.

As the season is winding down, a lot of fans have pretty much given up on the Orioles as evidenced by attendance and the amount of reports on the various news websites. It looks like the area is gearing up for Ravens' football and the NFL season to begin.

This is sad, hopefully one day baseball in Baltimore can be revelant in the fall, rather being done before summer.


The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Examiner, & Washington Post.

Roch Kubatko in his blog has thoughts from this weekend, as does Bill Ordine in O, By the Way...

Ramon Hernandez was benched, and the numbers don't lie -- he's been in a deep slump.

Radhames Liz showed promise in his start on Saturday as he has a good fastball; however, a good fastball is not going to get professional hitters out, he needs to use his breaking stuff more. In light of giving up 5 runs, he deserves another shot and might be part of the future if he can be consistent. Meanwhile, minor league prospect Pedro Beato is ailing...

Dave Trembley hired a bullpen coach, Alan Dunn, who just may be as intense or even moreso than our manager. As well, the Orioles have a Q&A up on their site with Trembley.

B.J. Surhoff was inducted into the Oriole Hall of Fame on Saturday...


The RS Bat Boy said...

Just step up to the plate when you play the Yankees the next few weeks and keep up the good work.

It's funny to me (I totally am enjoying this) to see the Yankee fans afraid of the Oreos!


I think next year. You might have a chance to over take Toronto and the Bronx Bummers in the standings!

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

The team will be fine, it's just a bad stretch; however, we are sorely lacking in talent in comparison to every one else.

The O's have given the Yankees a good run, but New York has an awesome lineup...

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