Friday, August 3, 2007

Video: X-Games; Extreme Skateboard Fall by Jay Brown

I really don't understand the X-Games, or much less partake in any of the events; however, I did catch the series in Philadelphia a few years ago at the Wachovia Sports Center/Complex.

Of course thanks to Youtube, I wanted to post a clip one of the scariest falls that I have ever seen -- one that made me go "holy s**t"...

Anyhow, the athlete you see, Jay Brown goes into freefall in this incredible halfpipe accident. He fell about fifty feet, landing so hard his shoes flew off. Brown was injured and will require surgery to repair torn ligaments.

I'm suprised he survived, props to him for attempting the stunt and the grace of the God that he is still alive and kicking.

I'm sure never doing that, whether it is from 5 feet up or 50 feet up...

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ian said...

I've done that on a half pipe but from not far up. I have scars on my back from where I landed. Im shocked he survived that

Anonymous said...

I'm a snowboarder and the same thing can happen in snowboarding. I had a super hard time watching ths crash because it's every halfpipe/quarterpipe rider's nightmare. I've taken some scary falls but just watching this one makes me shiver. The scariest part of a fall like that is that you know it's coming the moment you leave that lip and there isn't anything you can do to save yourself. I'm surprised he walked away with that few injuries and I hope he gets better and returns to do it again...minus the fall of course.

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