Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Good Daniel Cabrera Shows Up & Dominates: O's Whoop Up on The Yankees, 12-0: Matt Weiters, The Rundown...

Like I have said time and time again, Daniel Cabrera probably has the best physical tools of any pitcher on the Oriole roster and could be an elite one if he could keep his head in the game.

Last night, he did in one of the most intimidating places to play in baseball -- Yankee Stadium.

Kevin Millar homered and reached base five times for the Orioles and Daniel Cabrera pitched two-hit ball into the seventh. In the third inning, Aubrey Huff hit a grand slam and Baltimore quickly put the game out of reach.

The Orioles just plain abused Jeff Karstens last night, and took advantage of not having to face Roger Clemens in the series.

Brian Roberts, Corey Patterson, Nick Markakis, Kevin Millar and Melvin Mora each drove in a run, while Jay Payton drove in two.

Baltimore systematically shut down the Yankees on Tuesday night, and it is quite an accomplishment considering what New York has done within the last month.

In light of the win by the Orioles, the Bronx took out a few moments before the game to honor Phil Rizzuto who had passed away earlier in the day. Yankee fans, who are no doubt savvy about their history held up signs and honored a legend in pinstripes.


Besides the huge victory by the Orioles, the bigger story of the moment is whether the Orioles will get the deal done to sign their first round draft pick, Matt Weiters, by tonight's 11:59pm deadline.

However, it looks like the two sides are off in terms of millions (um, about 5 million or so) in getting the deal done.

A lot of fans are hoping he'll get signed and will be the catalyst for even further change with the team; alas, Scott Boras is notoriously tough to deal with and the Orioles may not want to pay the price tage he wants.

With so few picks in the draft, the Orioles may be hard pressed to sign him or may nor do so if they stand by their price.

Weiters and Boras want in the area of $10 million, while MLB advised the team not pay more than 2.5 million; therefore, things get more complicated as the Tiger's first pick, Rick Porcello signed for well over $7 million, and yes, he's a Boras client.

Roch Kubatko has his thoughts on the Weiters situation.

Well, if you have a moment, read some of the blogs on the WNST website. Reading of their website and some the opinions they have for me and a good group of fans is like a liberal watching the Fox News Channel; however, I admire their passion and I think they have perhaps the best sports talk radio station in Baltimore.

Drew Forrester of WNST believes that the Orioles will sign Weiters; meanwhile, Nestor Aparacio believes that history is about to repeat itself and the team will not sign him.

What do I think: I have no friggin' clue what will happen, but if the price is too astronomical - pass.


As mentioned yesterday, J.R. House is back in the big leagues and The Baltimore Sun has more on the development.

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