Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Good Daniel Cabrera Shows Up; O's Beat Rays Thanks to Huff's Blast, 3-1

The Orioles got back into the win column last night, as they beat the lowly Devil Rays in Tampa, 3-1, thanks to a big three-run homer by Aubrey Huff.

On Friday, the good Daniel showed up as he allowed one run in seven innings, and Danys Baez notched his first save as a Bird.

Looks like the former Devil Rays took advantage and whooped up on their old team.


People, sports is a business and I’m up in arms as to why people are upset that the Orioles did not make a move for Mark Teixiera.

Baltimore had the pieces, and did not want to give them up; however, Atlanta did and the circumstances were right for them.

The price was too high to get him, and the Orioles do not need to give away young talent for a guy who may be more than a year and half rental.

If you are fan, you have got the read Dan Connolly’s piece in the Sun.

I was probably of one of ten people who didn’t think the Orioles should make a move for Teixiera at the price Texas was asking for. I feel that for the meantime, the Orioles should go after him n the free agent market, and not give away young talent – talent, we desperately need.

Let’s keep in mind that Atlanta was where Teixeira went to school, so that place held allure to him too.

Folks, let go after him ’09 and see if Boras will want the Brinks’ truck for him.

Teixiera – good glove, great bat, but the Orioles need more than him right now for sure.


The Baltimore Sun has a recap of the game, as does the Baltimore Examiner, Washington Post, & Orioles Hangout.

We all know Danys Baez was atrocious for a good while, but now it looks like he’s back to form and Dave Trembley hopes that he can help out in the bullpen. Kids, Danys is now the closer…

The Baltimore Sun has a question for Corey Patterson, this time about playing in Tropicana Field.

Kurt Birkins has been recalled from the minors, and Cory Doyne has been sent back down.

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