Thursday, August 16, 2007

Orioles Brass Finally Sign Matt Weiters

The Orioles have taken a beating in the public domain by fans, the media and everyone in between for supposedly making some questionable decisions on and off the field.

However, last night the team did very well.

I went to sleep before it all came down, but Matt Wieters was signed basically at the eleventh and final hour last night, and the Baltimore Orioles have their number one pick.

Last night, I talked about the Weiter's deal on a radio show, and I was not sure which way the deal would go.

Boras, needless to say, is a tough man to deal with, but an incredible agent; whereas, the Orioles usually draw a hard line with contract negotiations and have a tenuous history with him (Boras).

In the end, the Orioles had to get the deal done for only to save face, please the fans, and rebuild their minor league with an impact player, but for necessity and Boras had to do right by his client.

Honestly, the chatter online and on the radio was that both sides were at an impasse, but it is good that the signing worked out.

This has to be the quote of the year, as I have no idea if Joe Jordan was trying to be funny, facetious or just an a**hole, but here it is...

"They got the deal done," said an elated Orioles scouting director Joe Jordan. "You can tell the city of Baltimore that the old evil owner stepped up and took care of things tonight. We had to fight to the end."

I’m still shaking my head with amazement at the quote.

All in all, Weiters will get $6 million in a signing bonus, plus a minor league contract – no small change for a fairly young man.

In other news, club also signed fifth-rounder Jacob Arrieta, a 6-foot-4, 21-year-old right-hander out of Texas Christian University.

* info compiled from the Baltimore Sun

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