Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sucking the Suck & Negativity: Is Baltimore Baseball This Bad?

We got our butts kicked by the Rangers last week, and now we get raped by the DEVIL RAYS tonight?

Ok, I am home and have been home due to a tragedy, so to make me feel better, I finally get to see the Orioles ahead in a late game for the first time in a while.

Thinking they had things in control in the 8th inning, I decide to finish up laundry and chit-chat with the lady. After loading the clothes in the dryer, stroll back upstairs.

The god awful Devil Rays score 11 runs in the 8th inning. I always knew the Tampa offense was potent, but this good -- um, no?

Perhaps it's the Oriole bullpen - the world famous and infamous one that has been nothing but putrid this year. The numbers don't lie, they suck (sans Walker and maybe Chad Bradford).

I like Jim Duquette and appreciate the effort with trying to improve this team, but his pet project has been a train wreck and I sincerely hope this does not cost him his job.

Looking at the green seats, and they are lot of them there (not filled with people), it makes me think at how far the Orioles have fallen. How many people must be there 8-9,000 on a great night to be out?

I read a posting on WNST today that Nestor Aparicio wrote in one of their multitude of blog and I was going to analyze it. However, I am not going to.

Why? He's telling the truth and it's nothing that most fans have not heard before or discussed amongst ourselves.

It's too bad the Orioles are an afterthought in the fall, as their spot has now been taken over by the Baltimore Ravens.

Folks, what has O's baseball come to? Someone, please give me some answers...

1 comment:

The Halls said...

If you find any answers let me know. Maybe Wild Bill took all the magic with him when he left. Is it a coincidence we've lost every single game, miserably, I might add, since he died? These are sad times for us Os fans.


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