Friday, December 28, 2007

The 2007 Oriole Post Awards: Major League Baseball, Part One...

Well, every entertainment industry has their award season and while most of them are completely not revelant to me, it's fun to watch from afar when other stars and rich people, well, honor other stars and rich people.

Being that's it's Holiday week and 2007 is coming to a close, what more perfect time than ever would be it to start up a completely meaningless awards show, only this time on my blog.

I'll be doing this until the 31st, in order to get the creative juices flowing, save my sanity from being bored, plus get some eyes on the blog, and comments going. I will not only include the Orioles, but all of baseball, perhaps a few things from other sports, and also maybe from the general culture at large.

Ah, what can we say about the year in baseball; alas, there were some highlight moments, but like in life, we remember the bad more than anything else.

Yes, there was a lot of bad stuff to the happen to the sport, more than I can ever remember. Baseball is a wonderful game, but 2007 perhaps revealed more than fans ever wanted to know, and the stench unleashing the sport's dirty laundry will stick with us for some time to come.

I'm going to give out my MLB awards in three parts, so here's part one...

The Moment of the Year, Off the Field: I would have originally said Barry Bonds being indicted, but the release of the Mitchell Report takes the case. The Mitchell Report blew the dirty laundry and the seedy side of the sport out in the open, and we all know what was really happening.

The Moment of the Year, On The Field: Sadly, it's seeing Barry Bonds hit his 756th home run. As much as it disgusted fans, history was made -- for better or worse. However, I was not that impressed with Barry, I was left moreso by Mike Bacsik, by the way he handled the situation at hand and being a part of history.

The Team of the Year, The Colorado Rockies: Well, I am not picking the Red Sox not because out of a lack of respect, but I think what Colorado had to endure and accomplish to get the World Series was even more impressive than what Boston did.

National League MVP, Matt Holliday: Sorry, I know Jimmy Rollins won the NL MVP, but I think what Matt Holliday did in 2007 and in the playoffs (yes, they don't count, but so what) was even more impressive than what Rollins did.

I love J-Roll in Philly as a player, but I don't see how he won the MVP over Holliday.

American League MVP, Alex Rodriguez: Yes, he deserved it - amazing season.

Pitcher of the Year, Jon Lester: With no disrespect to C.C. Sabathia, Jake Peavy and the other fine hurlers out there, I think what the young man accomplished was extraordinary and his performance in the World Series just showed how far he came from his cancer diagnosis in '06. I know the experience of cancer and what people go through all too well, and though I am not a Sox fan, Lester deserves all the credit in the world for coming back. To survive it is one thing, but peform at that high of an athletic level after what he had to go through is another.

Stupid Quote of the Year: Eric Byrnes: I like Captain America, but he should not be absolved of his stupidity.

Jerk & Douche of the Year, Alex Rodriguez: I was not sure who was worthy of this award. I narrowed my three choices between Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds and Elijah Dukes, but I'm giving the award to Alex Rodriguez for upstaging the World Series with his selfish contract demands and then his mea culpa thereafter on CBS and whoever wanted to listen to him. Bonds may be distasteful, but at least he didn't try to upstage an event and take the attention for himself.

Fan Friendliest Player: Torii Hunter. I saw him in Baltimore chat with fans, autograph items, and talk with whoever, including myself for at least 20 minutes in Baltimore after a game, and keep in mind, this is with his family in tow.

The Little Rugger Award: I'm giving this to the Red Sox's Dustin Pedoria in the AL, and Jamey Carroll in the NL.

Comeback Player of the Year: Dmitri Young, NL; Jon Lester, AL. Honorable Mention: Carlos Pena for kicking ass with his bat in Tampa.

Single Game Performance of the Year, Clay Buchholz: Boston Red Sox rookie upstart Clay Buchholz for no-hitting my precious Birds of Baltimore in only his second start ever in the Major Leagues...


Ian said...

Even though you know I am a Red Sox fan, I agree with on the Rockies being the team of the year. The Sox were expected to win it this year while the Rockies came out of nowhere to make it to the World Series.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Thanks Dude. Yeah, the Rockies pretty much shocked everyone, but in the end Boston hung them out to dry...

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