Monday, December 24, 2007

Quick Hits: X-Mas Coming Our Way, Orioles Rundown...

Not much is going on in baseball, as it is the Christmas holiday, and I have been trying to scour the news, but there's not a lot out there.

At this point, my wish as an Orioles fans is just to see the team come up with a viable plan to not only rebuild, but to have a core of players who remain in the Black & Orange for years to come.

We need to get rid of what Mark Suchy of WNST calls the Holy Trinity -- Millar, Huff, Gibbons. Yes, it will be fair easier said than done considering their value right now. Also, you can add Payton on the list too.

I have not heard much from the Bedard front as of late, and it looks like the Roberts deal has been tabled (though most people expect him to be dealt) before spring training.


hrb said...

"We need to get rid of what Mark Suchy of WNST calls the Holy Trinity -- Millar, Huff, Gibbons."

I wouldn't throw Millar into that mix. He's cheap and he outperformed both Huff and Gibbons last year. You have to look past the .254 batting average but he was one of the bright spots on the team last year.

Now, we do need to get younger and if ANY of the players above has a nice first half, you definitely deal them while their value is high. But Millar is not on the "has to go" list. His contract is up at the end of the season. The Gibbons and Huff contracts last for a few more years...

Anonymous said...

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