Friday, December 7, 2007

The Mitchell Report Out Next Thursday!!!

Well, folks it looks like the long-awaited Mitchell report is coming out next week!

From Boston.comIt's the findings of former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell's 20-month investigation into performance-enhancing drugs, a modern-day Black Sox scandal that has tarnished many of the game's greatest stars and records.

Although some are sure to claim it's one-sided and outdated, it has given players and executives cause for pause.

"Well, it ain't Merry Christmas or Happy New Year for somebody," Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

And this is where a conflict of interest takes place...

But he also is a director with the World Series champion Red Sox, a role players say makes him hopelessly conflicted and an agent of Selig, who appointed him. Players also claim Mitchell refused to show those accused the evidence against them, denying them a chance to refute the allegations.

Let's say someone from the Red Sox appears on his report, what happens?

I would venture to know why George Mitchell was selected to head the investigation in the first place? How could a guy that does business with the Red Sox and is a close friend of the commisioner have been given such a task. If this were corporate America (where I am a IT director), this whole show would have been a severe conflict of interest. Hell, if this were a fortune 500 company, the whole investigation would have gotten so much atention in the media heads would roll; alas, there would be resignations right and left.

I laugh when I see all this. It's a joke and for fans who care, they are being taken for a ride. It's not stopped fans from coming, or buying souvenirs.

Personally as good as this may sound and perhaps may lead to a close of the steroid era, as we have seen in the last few days, the report will probably do little to punish anyone. Furthermore, what will we learn? For the names that are divulged, what will happen to them? In the end, who cares?

In the end, I think this whole steroid investigation capped off the by Mitchell Reports and the conclusions of it will nothing but a farce and may shed new light on a few things, but for the most it will make great afternoon reading.

I see nothing really happening besides the outing of players who will probably not be punished.

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