Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To Tell the Truth, Orioles' Style: Roberts, More Woe Is the Baltimore Orioles & The Rundown...

This has been a real bad week for sports in Baltimore -- I mean real bad. Between the Ravens and the Orioles, where do fans turn to for hope?

Well, things have seemingly gone from bad to worse in terms of those who follow the Baltimore Orioles. As we know by now, Brian Roberts this morning told the Baltimore Sun that he dabbled in steroids once.

Now, the Baltimore media is taking Brian Roberts to task, much like they did Jay Gibbons, despite his otherwise stellar and squeaky clean reputation. As a blogger, sometimes writer and a general sports fan, the cynicism that many are showing Roberts is what I felt this week, even though I really *wanted* to believe in Roberts.

The silence this week though was pretty damning, and the carefully written apology is proof of what has now been alleged. So far, the rats, clubbies, former players and trainers who have turned against those who they use to help in the Mitchell Report and previous cases have been proven right.

I'm sure Roberts is very sorry now, but he's probably only found religion since he was ensnared in the whole steroid thing to begin with.

More on the story from the Baltimore Examiner, Orioles.com, & Orioles Hangout.

The Sun's Rick Maese finds it hard to believe Brian, and for good reason considering his history and denials on the issue. Meanwhile, Dan Connolly finds Roberts' revelation to be a hard blow to Orioles' fans considering he's homegrown and his stature in the community.

Whatever you think of WNST, take a look at Nestor's piece on their site about Roberts and drug use, as it gives a lot of insight as to why athletes do it; meanwhile, Bob Haynie is trying to feel sorry for you, but can't; Glenn Clark has his take the story and other Oriole news.

Check out what Roch has to say about the issue...

And Bill Ordine wonders if we care...

Oh, yes - the Baltimore Orioles decided to let the world finally know about some ticket price increases, I mean why wait until now and why could you all have not been upfront about it?

Steve Walters in a special article in the Examiner wonders if Peter Angelos can save baseball...

Boy, for a team that has had some bad times, the Orioles have pissed off more fans than ever, and the public relations strategy is NOT WORKING for the fans you have left and still care. If you want some great insight and someone who can tell it better than I can, check out Drew Forrester's piece on WNST today, along with this bit from Matt Bender.

Camden Chat has their thoughts on Roberts; Ben from Oriole Central has his thoughts on the Mitchell Report; Dempsey's Army has this thoughts on the Orioles and the Mitchell Report; Random Reality Thoughts has a quick rundown of O's news; The Wayward O has thoughts on Roberts;

News on an Old Friend: Javy Lopez is trying a comeback with his former team, agreeing Monday to a minor league contract with the Atlanta Braves.

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