Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Idiot File: Falcons' Owner, Arthur Blank

You know what, this guy came off as a moralist, and someone who was obviously wronged after showing faith in Michael Vick. Now, he might have shown who he truly is...

This is sick, and makes me wonder as much as society has changed -- has it?

The words of Arthur Blank on Monday Night Football and the possibility of his return to the NFL...

And to think, SOME PEOPLE felt sorry for you...

I have no idea if he was stressed out, joking, or just wanted to say what was on his mind, but as a CEO of a major company, and a public figure in a city with a high and affluent minority population, Blank should have used more tact with his words.

I have only heard good things about Arthur Blank, but what he said, as a minority was out of line - joke or not.


Anonymous said...

Really? So only "minorities" can eat fried chicken in jail? That makes sense.

Arthur Blank was certainly just trying to name some fatty foods. French fries and fried chicken seem pretty fatty to me.

You really think he's a racist, and it just slipped out on national television? That's what you *really* think? Unbelievable. Quit being so sensational... its irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

sorry, that's just wrong of you to say. he was talking about fatty foods. man, i am so sick of this kind of attitude. race relations in this country will never improve if people are just looking for reasons to call people racist.

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