Saturday, December 15, 2007

Perception is Reality: Baseball's Drug Problem and the Mitchell Report; Segui/Roberts, Orioles Rundown

As the Mitchell Report was released this week, the nation's reaction has ranged from apathy to downright anger. Right now, much has not been heard from the Baltimore Orioles or any of their players at all regarding the report itself despite the consistent cloud around the team for years.

The more I read of it, the reputations of players, who may have not have done anything are ruined off some evidence are ruined forever and it is based on a lot of innuendo, hearsay and the words of two trainers, Jason Giambi and Frank Thomas.

Many players had the chance to speak, but they didn't. That's the problem.

Whether or not we like it, drugs are in very sport and there's no way to stop it. Honestly, will all the travel in sports, time zone changes, and everything else - do you really think guys are playing without help?

The sad thing is that we try to stop drug use amongst teenagers and young adults, but seeing the money in sports and also the lack of punishment -- why would anyone not want to do it?

As well, men who were potential or shoo-in Hall of Famers are now having their credibility questioned. Mark Mussina of WNST takes a good look at that question.

Perception is reality, and it seems it looks like baseball has a drug problem. I say if baseball is being picked apart, pick apart the national game --- football. Baltimore Sun columnist, Peter Schmuck, raised that issue in today's paper.

The only way baseball gets out of this hole is to create a stringent drug program - no questions asked.

John Wilt of Orioles Hangout believes that out of the sordid news and the latest crisis as a result of the Mitchell Report, Major League Baseball should relish the opportunity to make changes in the sport. As well, John Domen gives his thoughts of the drug issue and the Tejada trade.

Baseball will go on, and in the end, this week will be another part of history; however, for now, the sport needs to look itself in the mirror.


Former Oriole and a figure in the whole drug investigation, David Segui, in today's Sun goes out of his way to defend Brian Roberts. As we all know, the second baseman's name was in the report and Segui, along with many people are just disturbed to see his name in the document.

"By far, that's the thing that's bothered me the most about the whole entire thing," Segui said yesterday. "[Bigbie] threw Brian Roberts' name out on complete hearsay. Calling it hearsay would be giving it more credibility than it deserves. I'm at a loss as to why Brian Roberts' name would come out of his mouth."
Segui is right. Hearsay and just plain chatter have perhaps ruined a lot of reputations, and perhaps there might be some truth to the statement; however, there's no substantive proof.

Drew Forrester takes a look at the Mitchell Report, David Segui and gives his thoughts on it, and you can check out their website for another perspective.

Alas, a lot of people now believe that all the players in the Mitchell Report have done drugs, and now it's up to those who are innocent to stand up. When the President speaks on an issue, such as this, the nation stands up and takes notice.


One of the pitchers who came to the team in the Tejada trade, Troy Patton was upset when he was traded, but now sees a chance in Baltimore to make a name for himself.

The organization has another arm in their stable, as they have claimed right-handed reliever Greg Aquino off waivers from Milwaukee, completing their 40-man roster. According to the Examiner, Aquino went 0-1 with a 4.50 ERA and 12 strikeouts in 15 appearances for the Brewers in 2007.

I have yet to go into the Miguel Tejada trade because of the Mitchell Report madness; however, I'll try to get that done Monday and I'll have on it Oriole Magic as well.


Also, if anyone is a huge Brooks Robinson fan, he's doing a signing at Ollie's in Dundalk today, and another in Harrisburg, Pa., between 11am -2pm on Sunday.

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