Friday, December 28, 2007

Patriots Fans, Forgive Me; Sen. Kerry is Good...

Patriots fans, I have seen the light and know now never to dispute the great John Kerry. You can stop with the emails, and all. I am sorry, truly am.

The consumers are right - I guess fans should have to right to see historic events; moreover, it looked the liked the NFL overvalued the price of it's product and gave into the will of the fan (which it should have, in retrospect). The move was a good thing, as fans all over can see the game, and the NFL saves face.

As we know, the NFL Network, only after Kerry's intervention, in conjunction with CBS and NBC will be broadcasting the Patriots’ pursuit of regular-season perfection to television on Saturday night against the New York Giants.

I still think John Kerry was indeed grandstanding.

Yes, New England will walk over the Giants and finish the season 16-0.

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