Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Some Video From The Orioles Holiday Party...

Uploaded by mdguy2415

Jamie Walker observing Brian Roberts and Jeremy Guthrie shoot hoops.

Uploaded by mdguy2415

Brian Roberts interacting with the kids and handing out autographed cards...

Uploaded by mdguy2415

Jamie Walker racing some kids...

Uploaded by mdguy2415

Jeremy Guthrie handing out cards to the kids...


manny being manny said...

Cool, was that at the ESPN Zone in Baltimore? I love that place. Is that your video?

Tejada's gone for five Astros. Great trade for Baltimore's future. Luke Scott is the centerpiece and could be great for Baltimore's future.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

That's my video. I was there, MBM.

It was fun, and interesting time...

manny being manny said...

That is sweet O's Fan.

Sorry to be a pain, but in my vanity I was clicking my own link, and because Apple is new at this website hosting thing, there are problems with updating I guess.

Would you mind replacing the URL you have for my link with the following?


Sorry to be a pain. Keep up the good work.


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