Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Baltimore Orioles Issue A Statement On The Mitchell Report; Orioles Rundown...

In light of the events of the Mitchell Report, the Baltimore Orioles have issued a statement:

"There is no place in baseball or in any other sport for the use of performance-enhancing substances.

The Orioles support Major League Baseball's efforts to institute the most comprehensive testing program of any professional sport and one that strives to eliminate the use of performance enhancing drugs from all of baseball.

As to the information and allegations contained in the Mitchell Report, the Orioles caution observers to resist the temptation to accept collective judgments based upon unsubstantiated allegations.

The Orioles further believe that each Major League player must be treated on an individual basis, must not be judged responsible by mere association, and is innocent of any improper conduct until proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt."

Well, as we all know, the organization has been hit real not only with the allegations of the past week, but also in the past. They have been down the road before, but this time, the stakes and circumstances are much different.

The only thing as sports fans we can do is just wait and see how the story will play out as the Mitchell Report has more or less let the world truly know about the drug culture in baseball, but also in a way has ruined many reputations.

There's more on the issue from the Baltimore Examiner, & WNST's Drew Forrester believes those implicated in the report are screwed, no matter what comes out.

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