Saturday, December 15, 2007

Jose Canseco Says Names Are Missing; Implicates A-Rod…

Ugh, looks who's back again. The sad thing is though despite he wanting to sell books and get his mug on TV and in print -- he's been right.

Jose, the admitted steroid user, and D-list celebrity has popped up again. To be honest, if it weren't for him, baseball would have probably been much, much, slower to adopt drug testing.

Look at what's he said now:

The former Oakland Athletics slugger tried to get into the Mitchell report news conference Thursday but was barred by Major League Baseball officials, who said it was a "media only" event.

"[The report is] a slap on the hand," he told Fox Business Network. "The report proved nothing. It just proved what we already knew."

Canseco's name appears 105 times in the Mitchell report, more than that of Barry Bonds (103) or Roger Clemens (82). In all, the 409-page report identified 86 names to differing degrees, but Clemens clearly was the symbol.

"I saw the list of players, and there are definitely a lot of players missing," he told Fox Business Network. "I don't know what they accomplished or what they are trying to prove."

Prodded further about players not included, Canseco said this of A-Rod: "All I can say is the Mitchell report is incomplete. I could not believe that his name was not in the report."

Oh boy. Alas, Alex Rodriguez has responded...

Jose Canseco said he couldn't believe that Alex Rodriguez wasn't named in the Mitchell report. But A-Rod says in an interview on CBS' "60 Minutes" he's never even been tempted to use performance-enhancing drugs.

In the interview, scheduled to air Sunday, when asked by Katie Couric if he had used steroids, human growth hormone or another performance-enhancing drug, Rodriguez said, "No."

"I think baseball's done a fine job of implementing some very strict rules," Rodriguez said in the interview. "I mean, I got tested eight or nine times. I know some of my teammates got tested, you know, seven, eight ... times and, you know, if you think about where the game is today versus where it was six years ago, I think Major League Baseball has made some nice strides."

As much we want him to go away, he's sadly built up a lot of credibility over the years...

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