Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Roger Clemens Going On the Offense Against His Steroid Use...

It looks like Mount Clemens is about to erupt and unleash his fury upon us.

Well, last week, Roger Clemens repeated his denials of the steroids use alleged against him in the Mitchell Report and let the world know will be interviewed for a future episode of "60 Minutes" by Mike Wallace.

Clemens and the legal firm of his attorney, Rusty Hardin, plans to launch their own probe into the allegations of his HGH and steroid use.

From ESPN: Roger Clemens' lead attorney told the New York Times that his firm is launching its own investigation into allegations the seven-time Cy Young winner used steroids and human growth hormone.

"We are convinced the conclusions in Mitchell's report are wrong and are investigating the findings ourselves," Rusty Hardin told The Times. "At this stage we have uncovered a lot of logical people who we thought Mitchell was going to talk to but never talked to him or his investigators. That's troubling."

Ok. I'll be waiting to see what comes of all this so-called "investigation".

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