Friday, December 14, 2007

What Major League Baseball & Players Need To Do With The Mitchell Report

Yesterday, the Mitchell Report shocked the sports world and America. The story about drug use in baseball was item A on all the newscasts, and ESPN devoted the vast majority of their programming on Thursday to coverage of the ground breaking event.

Rather than go into some long winded essay, this what I feel players and Major League Baseabll must do.

Unless players start speaking the truth, stop hiding behind the union, or towing the company line, baseball will never move on and we’ll never find the answers we so-called want.

The sick thing is though the so-called rats have been proven right.

In cases like these, sadly, burden of proof does not matter so much; alas, the problem is that perception is reality and if your name appears in the report, you might as well consider yourself guilty until proven innocent.

We, as some of the savvier fans may know that some players may indeed be innocent of the charges the report alleged, but some will paint anyone in the report, whether they had a few words said about them, or pages to be painted under the same brush.

If I were any player in the report and thought I was innocent, I’d be talking to my lawyer and preparing a public statement. I’d ordinarily say to keep quiet and let the next news cycle begin, but in this case, silence is damning and more or less implies guilt.

The Mitchell Report is not going to make the issue go away or magically resolve problems in baseball and in sport; I think the opposite will happen — this story will have more legs than ever.

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