Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Baltimore Orioles At The Winter Meetings: More Bedard and Tejada...

Not much has happened on the Oriole front besides lots of talk.

However, that should change perhaps in the next few days as Miguel Cabrera is now off the market. Tejada might finally get some mention as a suitable player to be dealt to a team in need.

Bedard is garnering a lot of attention; however, a deal has not been made as according to the Baltimore Sun.

After several hours of trade talks on Day 2 at the winter meetings, Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said late yesterday afternoon that he was no closer to trading No. 1 pitcher Erik Bedard, as potential suitors continue to fall short of the club's asking price.

"We really are not significantly different than where we were [Monday] at this time," MacPhail said. "Our philosophy is pretty simple. We think we have a pretty good understanding of what is equitable for certain guys, and when we get there, great. Until we get there, we'll stay where we are. It's really a simple equation.

The Orioles will not deal him unless they have something suitable to exchange him with (major league ready prospects), and the goal is to use the pieces we have on the team now in trades to get better.

"We've said in every way we can - it's not a question of really shopping him or trying to move him," MacPhail said. "But at the same time, our record is what our record has been, and we have a responsibility to our fans to try to make it better and take whatever we think we have to take to make it better."

It looks like MacPhail isn't just going to make a trade to make a trade.

We all know the Dodgers are the big fish in the trade talks for the Oriole ace, but they are some new dance partners -- some serious, and some that are just kicking the tires.

The Orioles also met with the New York Mets yesterday morning, but one club source said yesterday that the Mets, who had been reluctant in previous discussions to move their top prospect, outfielder Fernando Martinez, aren't considered a top contender for Bedard.

MacPhail also was expected yesterday to meet with the Seattle Mariners, who have long coveted Bedard and would certainly get the Orioles' attention with an offer headed by outfielder Adam Jones and pitcher Brandon Morrow. The Cincinnati Reds also are in the mix for Bedard, though one team source said Monday that they aren't willing to include top prospect Jay Bruce in the deal. The Toronto Blue Jays have also expressed interest, but it remains unlikely the club would trade him within the American League East.

We shall see what happens, but I think it is 50/50 now that he gets dealt. I still have no idea if he'll want to stay, but if contract talks can resume, it would be a good thing and give a lot of fans a glimmer of hope.

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