Thursday, December 13, 2007

Roberts, Tejada and Former Orioles on the Mitchell Report...

In what is a continuation of a dark cloud over the Orioles organization, the names of Brian Roberts, former team members, Miguel Tejada & several others have appeared in the Mitchell Report.

Right now, Roberts is still on the Orioles, but rumored to possibly be dealt; Tejada was traded to Houston yesterday.

Former Sen. George Mitchell's report on steroid use in baseball released today mentions at least 16 current and former Orioles including second baseman Brian Roberts and recently traded shortstop Miguel Tejada.

The others named are: current outfielder Jay Gibbons, who recently admitted using human growth hormone and accepted a 15-day suspension, and ex-Orioles Rafael Palmeiro, Larry Bigbie, David Segui, Jack Cust, Jason Grimsley, Jerry Hairston, Tim Laker, Gregg Zaun, Kevin Brown, Howie Clark, Todd Williams, Kent Mercker and Gary Matthews Jr.

Well, for most hardcore fans of the team, most of the names are those that have been heard in the media before.

Although there has been no real evidence of the aforementioned players in connection to drug use aside from Palmeiro, Segui, Hairston and Gary Matthews, and recently Jay Gibbons, it's very disheartening to see these many current and ex-Orioles in the report.

Like I said in a previous post, I have opined that if I conjured up a list of suspected users, the list would be diverse -- one of stars, mid-level guys, fringe guys, and guys look to hang onto their careers.

That matches the current and ex-Orioles on the list now to a tee.

Why have the Baltimore Orioles been hit harder than other teams? Do we as fans care any more?

I, for one hope Roberts is somehow proven innocent of the drug claims, as from what I have seen him do with his work with kids and those less fortunate will all go to nothing if this hangs over him.

Then we again, we may not care.

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John said...

What's really bizarre is this: the drugs were supposed to make them better players. And so many of them were doing it. And yet, aggravatingly, it only seemed to improve their ability to find new ways to suck season after season!

So I'll have to answer that question in the negative: I have just had it with 'em O's. I am tired of them, very tired. Sadly, my feet are not darkening Camden Yards for a very long time.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

I agree with you; one would think drugs would make players better -- it's just bad all around...

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